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Joey is a 23-year-old Southern California native who created the “Joey Hip Hop” alias one day at the beginning of quarantine as a hobby. He began by writing reviews of both albums and films, and quickly gained success with his music posts. His love of music goes back as far as he can remember, much in part thanks to his father’s influence, and he developed a love of hip hop in middle school. Joey now works full-time for a consumer goods company in the greater New York City area and runs the Joey Hip Hop account for fun in his free time.




10 Artists to Watch Out for in 2021

2021 has already done a lot in regard to music. The mainstream releases are just starting to pick up...

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Joey HipHop | March 24 2021 Editorials 0

Reviewing J. Cole's "The Off-Season"

The Road to The Off-Season On his latest album, The Off-Season, J. Cole raps like he’s got something...

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Joey HipHop | May 17 2021 Editorials 0
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