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The Timeline and Criminal History of Bobby Shmurda

26 year old hip-hop legend, Jean Pollard, best known as Bobby Shmurda, was released from the Clinton...

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Kade Leavitt | March 04 2021 Editorials 0

What You Didn't Know About Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty is arguably one of the most notable rappers of 2021. His name has been everywhere among...

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Kade Leavitt | March 10 2021 Editorials 0

How Much Drake Has Made From Each Project

Have you ever wondered, just how much is Drake making from his projects on Spotify? We calculated th...

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Kade Leavitt | April 29 2021 Editorials 0

Round Matchup Recap: Bobby Shmurda vs. Trippie Redd

This matchup is quite interesting because instead of judging each artist based on their latest relea...

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Kade Leavitt | March 18 2021 News 0

The Hairdresser Behind Playboi Carti's Red Hair

Rhonnie Lee, AKA the loctician that’s more than likely behind your favorite rapper’s hairstyle, gave...

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Kade Leavitt | February 20 2021 Interviews 0

Round Matchup Recap: Offset vs. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

This matchup is tough because both of these artists have put about the same effort in this year, whi...

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Kade Leavitt | March 18 2021 News 0
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