The Timeline and Criminal History of Bobby Shmurda

26 year old hip-hop legend, Jean Pollard, best known as Bobby Shmurda, was released from the Clinton Correctional Facility at 8:30 in the morning. Within moments he was on a private jet with Quavo headed towards the lifestyle he has been awaiting for years.

Although he was born in Miami FL with the name Ackquille Pollard, Shmurda helped pioneer the Brooklyn drill music scene more than he gets recognition for. After his hit single “Hot N*gga” peaked at #6 on Billboard, the entire industry had become familiar with the East Flatbush rapper. 

Bobby Shmurda had everything in line to be the next big household name. Upon getting co-signed by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Drake, Bobby successfully took the internet by storm and solidified his name in the industry. All of this momentum suddenly was restricted when he was charged for conspiracy to commit murder and more in 2014 and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. 

This is the complete criminal history of the legendary Bobby Shmurda.

First Legal Troubles

Bobby Shmurda’s first documented arrest was on June 3, 2014. Shmurda was at his girlfriend’s house where he and 3 others were taken into custody. Cops were there to execute a search warrant, when they arrived they claimed the door was already open to the residence and they walked in to see Bobby sitting there with a joint in one hand, and a firearm in the other.

Bobby claimed that the weapon was a prop for a music video, but the police were not having it.

Bobby also stated that what the police had claimed was inaccurate and he went on to report the unfair conditions they imposed; stating they even went as far as leaving him in a cop car for 8 hours.

It was later revealed that none of Bobby Shmurda’s DNA was found on the gun.

It was June 24th, 2014, when a user on the app vine looped Bobby Shmurda doing the legendary ‘Shmoney Dance’ which quickly made him an internet sensation. The original vine amassed millions of views and ended up carrying over to his YouTube channel which contributed to the Billboard peak that ‘Hot N*gga’ reached.

Celebrities that you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like Justin Bieber, began to hop on the internet trend.

The Summer of 2014 That Changed everything

Bobby’s collective GS9 (or G Stone Crips) mainly consisted of friends that he grew up with. It would later be revealed that they were on the radar for the NYPD and had already developed quite a reputation.

Bobby had showed up for a club appearance in Queens, upon arrival he was greeted by police patiently waiting for him. After they searched the platinum artist and his team, they found a joint and arrested his whole camp.

In the end, no charges were held against the Bobby or his entourage. It was during this time where his breakout record had acclaimed international attention.

After the low budget video was uploaded to Vevo, the sensation that was Bobby Shmurda went on to accrue over 500 million views. The track hit the mainstream when artists such as Lil Wayne, French Montana, and more hopped on the song’s instrumental.

Shmurda went on to drop the remix which featured Chris Brown, Yo Gotti, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Rowdy Rebel, and Fabolous.

Bobby went on to sign with Epic Records and his performance for the label became a viral sensation. After Bobby was seen doing the Shmoney dance, it too became a trend on its own. This led to some of the most anticipated points of his career where he began touring and made appearances with Drake and Meek Mill.

Bobby Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Reckless Endangerment, Drug & Gun Possession.

After dropping his debut EP, “Shmurda She Wrote,” Bobby found himself in his most career threatening situation yet.

Shmurda’s most infamous arrest occurred in Manhattan, New York, on December 17th, 2014. Bobby and his crew were leaving the Quad Studios, the same spot where Tupac was shot outside of, when Bobby and 14 others were arrested.

Shmurda’s brother and close friend Rowdy Rebel were amongst the individuals arrested.

Bobby was looking at roughly 8-25 years in prison, other affiliates arrested at the time were facing life and more for charges ranging from assault to murder.

The NYPD had claimed to have been investigating GS9 for an extensive period of time, before Bobby had even claimed his spotlight.

The Police Department went as far as to try and use his own lyrics against him in court, which was set an unprecedented example of persecution that we haven’t witnessed before.

Before even receiving his sentence, Bobby Shmurda then sat in jail for over 2 years.

Bobby Shmurda Accepts Plea Deal

His career had seen unprecedented heights in such a short amount of time. He was unfortunately taken from us on February 19, 2020, when a home invasion occurred which resulted in his murder.

September 2nd, 2016 – Bobby Shmurda accepts Plea Deal for one count of 3rd degree conspiracy, and one count of weapons possession.

By accepting this plea deal Bobby would only face seven years and the 2 years that he had served already would apply toward his sentence; essentially facing only 5 years.

Bobby’s lawyer at the time was confident that he would only face 3 and a half years if he displayed good behavior.

It was later revealed that Shmurda was also presented another plea deal for even less time, but it would have resulted in Rowdy Rebel serving more time in the long run. The deal offered had Bobby serving only 5 years and Rowdy serving a total of 12 years.

Although this whole situation is not as clear as it seems, Bobby was then on record at a later date stating, “I want to drop my plea.”

He went as far to say he was coerced into making his decision, but the judge was not considering it since it was already agreed upon.

Bobby Catches Heat In Prison During His First Few Years

In 2015, Shmurda’s girlfriend attempted to sneak him a shank into the premises.

This resulted in the Brooklyn rapper receiving another 4 year charge, which he was allowed to serve concurrently with his current sentence.

Although he didn’t technically face any additional prison time for this, it did restrict his options for early release.

It was also reported that Bobby had to serve a portion of his time in solitary confinement after getting into multiple altercations that ranged from 2015-2016. Interestingly, though, he never stopped working on his music. There were frequent rumors that he would drop a mixtape from jail, and he even rapped a freestyle through the jail phone at one point. 

Shmurda Declined at Parole Hearing

As of 2017, Bobby had not displayed any more behavioral issues and was on track for his parole hearing in 2020. The court denied his request due to the violations committed in the past.

They did go on to acknowledge the development he has made and that they do not view him as impulsive.

The Time Has Come

Rapper Bobby Shmurda’s prison release is arguable the most anticipated in recent memory. He broke his hiatus officially from social media when he was pictured with Quavo of Migos on his way to begin his new journey, thanks to his conditional release in January 2021. He’ll still be under community supervision, but he’s no longer in jail.

As Bobby has shared in the past, he is eager to get into the studio and we can be sure to expect to hear from him shortly.

Bobby Shmurda was welcomed home by multiple plaques and paparazzi; it will truly be a one of a kind journey witnessing him claim even more as he gets to work.


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