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Canadian Researchers Isolated the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Canadian Researchers Isolated the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Juan Camilo

A Canadian research team has successfully isolated the coronavirus: COVID-19. The success was due to the collaborative efforts of researchers from Sunnybrook Research Institute, McMmaster Univerisity, and the University of Toronto.

The acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus is the agent that causes the illness to those inflicted by the virus. By isolated this, they were able to culture the virus in a Level 3 containment facility.

Their combined efforts were an attempt to find hope that this virus can and will be stopped. The world has been taken by storm and our skilled professionals are fighting back!

“Researchers from these world-class institutions came together in a grassroots way to successfully isolate the virus in just a few short weeks,”

Dr. Rob Kozak (Sunnybrook Microbiologist)

The isolation of the virus will give researchers a much needed step forward into long-term containment solutions. Ultimately, this will help when it comes time to develop improved diagnostic testing for COVID-19, improved treatments, and possibly the development of a vaccine.

The team effort stands to prove that working together is the best bet at defeating this pandemic. The researchers are willing to share their findings with other researchers in order to bring this to a decisive end once and for all.

“The more viruses that are made available in this way, the more we can learn, collaborate and share”

Dr. Arinjay Banerjee (Post-doctoral fellow at McMaster Univeristy)

Hopefully, with the findings of these great researchers, the end of this pandemic will be in sight. If so, the US may put an end to their State of Emergency.

For more updates on the (now) isolated coronavirus, continue to follow RapTV.

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