Nick Cannon Accuses Eminem of Being a Product of Institutional Racism

Nick Cannon recently called Eminem a product of institutional racism. Three songs deep into a very one-sided feud with Detroit rapper Eminem, Cannon released a track featuring a pre-fame Slim Shady song with explicit and racist lyrics.

The hook in the diss track sings,

“black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb.”

Marshall Mathers

The original track even goes on to say more derogatory remarks towards black women. However; thedespicable lyrics hardly garnered any attention and little to no backlash for Eminem.

It would seem that Eminem and his untouchable stardom, are even immune to such defamation of character as stone-cold proof of his (past) racist lyrics.

The interviewer, DJ Vlad, even told of the rumors he had heard regarding the MC. Vlad mentions,

“There was actually more records….calling black people the point where interscope or aftermath had to step in and buy these guys out….the guys that own these tapes”

DJ Vlad

It was after these comments that the two conceded that this was a long time ago, although it is still not acceptable.

Cannon brings up the fact that it is hurtful that Eminem fans are willing to defend him still. Especially after being shown solid proof that their artist has a habit of tearing down women of color.

Credit: Youtube/djvlad

Cannon also believes that Eminem is truly sorry about saying those individual racist things. However; he believes Eminem is not apologetic for the system of institutionalized racism that has been keeping him in his untouchable spot.

“He’s not sorry for institutional racism because he’s a product of it. and thats why people call him a ‘god’ and a ‘goat’..”

Nick Cannon

Watch this section of the interview below.

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