RapTV Presents: Rap Madness

RapTV Presents: Rap Madness

By golddev: March 15, 2020

Rap Madness is here!

RapTV has come up with a way for us all to still enjoy the madness that is March of 2020.

Many of our rap fans have been disappointed by the recent suspensions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. To keep everyone entertained from the safety of their home, we developed our own version of March Madness - a hip hop version.

We have taken the top 64 rappers in the world and created brackets where they will face off against each other, tournament-style.

How Do I Participate?

The goal is for you to see your artist make it all the way through to the final round! In order for them to get your vote you will have to:

  1. Go to Instagram Profile @rap.
  2. View our Instagram Story on @rap.
  3. Cast your vote on one of the two rappers that are going head to head by interacting with our story.
  4. Stay tuned for us to announce the winners of that round.
  5. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel we will be posting the analysis of each round along with commentary and more exclusive content!

Follow these instructions and you can potentially see your favorite rapper crowned has the number one rapper in the world by you and your peers!


Go to @RAP Story on Instagram and vote for your favorite artist!

In order to ensure that every round is fair, we will allow 24 hours for all votes to be cast. The rapper that wins the most votes after 24 hours will advance to the next round.

The rounds will include a Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four (similar to March Madness).

After each round, the results will be posted to our Instagram feed.

Let Rap Madness Begin!

For more updates on how your favorite artist is doing, check our Instagram Page @RAP

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