L’omari is Coming Straight Out of Qatar

Over the past 4 decades, rap music has expanded beyond its wildest dream from it’s humble beginnings in the south Bronx of New York City. Not only has the once neglected genre influenced young aspiring poets from cities across America such as Compton, Oakland, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans and etc. but has now influenced poets who are from places like Toronto, England, Germany, Japan and many more.

L’omari is one of those has been affected by rap’s dominance, so much so that it inspired the Qatari/Canadian rapper/singer to start creating music at 13 years old. Since then the international rapper has gone on to gain the ears of millions, all thanks to a video on WorldStar of L’omari rapping while driving in a sports car with his pet chimpanzee. Recently I got a chance to talk to L’omari about his early beginnings and how he intends to put his country on the map with his music.

RapTV: You were born in Qatar, raised between Doha and Toronto, also lived in Dubai for 5 years before the blockade. What type of music did you grow listening to during those times?

L’omari: I grew up listening to hip-hop/R&B all my life. I studied the greats through out my whole life to be able to create what I create today. You can hear it in my sound that there’s a lot of influence of melodies and bars combined with new school flavor.

RTV: I read that you got into music at 13. Can you describe the time you recorded your first song?

L’omari: Damn you just brought me way back, the first song I ever recorded was on a desktop computer with a regular computer microphone and normal computer headphones using a built-in computer recording software, nothing fancy. Thinking about it, I came a long way lol. I forgot what song I recorded but I believe I think I did my own version of In Da club by 50 Cent which I would be embarrassed to hear now if you ask me.

RTV: You show a lot of pride for your country Qatar, so much so that your video “Glorious” was a dedication to it as well as your Emir H.H Shiekh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani. How does that pride influence your music?

L’omari: That pride made me the man I am today and hold that to my grave. A man with ambition, vision, and drive, exactly what Shiekh Tamim Al Thani the ruler of Qatar represents. I’m a voice not only for Qatar and Canada but also an international voice that touches all types of demographics. People can relate to your story and to the energy you put out. That’s all it takes. Just have to be true to yourself and that’s all I know how to be. By me being that, my music creation process tends to be a lot easier because I speak about how I feel and what I’ve experienced. Makes it easier for people to feel my emotions and story that I pour out in these songs.

RTV: What is a BidWin?

L’omari: BidWin derives from the word Bedouin which means an Arab of the desert. I flipped the spelling of it to make it an original term and a brand that I stand for and represent. I also interpret it in my new single that’s out now titled “BidWin” saying “I’m a BidWin all I do is Bid and Win when I play” which also happens to be the name of my Label BidWin Music Group-BMG. 

RTV: I read that you planned to release three more videos and an EP in the future. Is “Bidwin” the first single off the upcoming EP or second since “Glorious” was released first? 

L’omari: BidWin is already out now and I have 4 more videos that will be released within the next 3 months and EP to be dropped of course. Everything is ready to go. But it’s all about timing for me now. So I’m just gonna release singles for now to introduce the world slowly into BMG and L’Omari.

RTV: You said that you want to put Qatar on the map with your music. What parts of its culture do you plan to infuse in your music?

L’omari: Well Qatar is already on the map given it being the richest country in the world not to mention we’re hosting Fifa 2022, which is the first time an Arab country hosts a World Cup in history. In addition to having one of the best airlines in the world which is Qatar Airways. However, I am putting Qatar on the map when it comes to hip-hop/R&b on an international scale and to be the the voice of the future and pave the way to the youth. My music and my image has authenticity to where I’m from and how I sound. Everything I say in my music has an infusion of my trials and tribulations which revolves around me being from Qatar and Toronto. 


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