It’s A WonderfulLife

[Verse 1] I heard you looking for me, yuh Baby I don’t suggest it You do not wanna with [email protected] Kid Pick a big contraceptive I do not pick up your calls You should change your name to ”bill collector” Calm and collected While you on the other hand buggin’ and stressin’ Fuck your collective You got some nerve even calling it that You don’t got no message Not bringing a thing to table that’s missing I’m on a mission Strapped up while I descend from the ceiling I made a killing So many copies of my sound and image You made a decision To take all the parts of me that you was feeling And tryna relive it Repackaging actually made you a living I gotta respect it But don’t ever tell me that I gotta feel it Cause I never will bitch, I turn up the decibel bumpin’ that SESH shit [Verse 2] ‘Bout to slap the mask on my face and hit the road, bitch Rubber gloves, hunnid blunts, Bones kicking doors, bitch Weapon in the door, trynna run up, turn you ghost, bitch I stay out the way, but when it’s war I let it blow, bitch Ride in that yellow truck, 5% the windows up Oh so many shots you could have sworn that there was 10 of us 4×4 I lift it up, shotgun literally Ravage of the passenger, the buckshot tenner piece [Verse 3] Popping at the backseat, blunt like a track meet Pass it make it for fly, ey Ain’t nobody press me, ain’t nobody check me Still I’m in their mouth like Colgate Fucking with me, no way Fuck with the team, ok Anytime we can get it any day You can feel it, you’d be begging for us to go away [Verse 4] You don’t want this problem, I’m too petty Richard Petty my drive, baby my house like The Getty I got heir-looms passed down, Robert Culp, Trackdown History run deep in my blood, it’s best you back down What’s the word, what, what What you learn, what You gotta wait your turn bitch You gotta treat that burn Cause I will go flaming I don’t need to name you They know who I’m dissing whenever I’m spittin’ Cause they will see you in a grave, yeah [Chorus] I’ve had a wonderful day, I’ve had a wonderful life You’ve had a gorgeous death, it’s such a beautiful night I’ve had a wonderful day, I’ve had a wonderful life You’ve had a gorgeous death, it’s such a beautiful night What?


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