My Shiny Teeth and Me

[Verse 1] When I’m feeling lonely Sad as I can be All by myself, an uncharted island In an endless sea What makes me happy Fills me up with glee Those bones in my jaw! Don’t have a flaw My shiny teeth and me [Hook] My shiny teeth that twinkle Just like the stars in space My shiny teeth that sparkle Adding beauty to my face My shiny teeth that glisten Just like a Christmas tree You know they’d walk a mile Just to see me smile (Woo!) My shiny teeth and me (Shiny teeth, shiny teeth) [Verse 2] Yes, they’re all so perfect So white and pearly Brush, gargle, rinse A couple breath mints My shiny teeth and me My shiny teeth, so awesome Just like your favorite song My shiny teeth, I floss them So they’ll grow to be real strong My shiny teeth, I love them And they all love me Why should I talk to you When I’ve got 32 (Woo!) Shiny teeth and me (Shiny teeth, shiny teeth) [Hook]

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