[Intro:] O-U-Y, yea, talking to you Umhm 28 Grams [Hook:] I ain’t tryna hear about all them other niggas I just woke, I just wanna come over and have Ugh, heard he ain’t a real nigga Call me I’mma come feel you up Like a real nigga Cause when lights go out, we’re all alone I don’t see no one Ride slow I won’t let nobody know Ohh, who you are Be who you are Be who you are I want you, you I want you As bad as you are Why would you wanna fuck with a nigga like me girl? Why would you wanna roll weed for a nigga like me girl? Why would you wanna throw the ass for a nigga like me girl? Grind on her when you throw that ass for a nigga like me? You, you, you, you, know what you want You remember where you came from Oh yea, you know the business I swear that pussy is the business Might give your ass the business You, you, ugh [Verse 1:] We going away She riding for the kid Riding for the squad Riding on this dick Gone with the wind Gone with the whip Gone on the liquor She going to my crib Phone blowing up Kush coned up Sheets all wet Hair messed up Tied around my neck Face on deck Just let a nigga know what it is Still want you (x3) You! for real [Outro:] Yea, bitch 28 Grams We in the trap all day I’m trappin’ like motherfuckin’ uh Young Jeezy, you know, Snowman days That’s me right now, whippin’


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