Rappin’ for Jesus

[Verse 1: Pastor Jim Colerick] Well, I wrote this song for the Christian youth I wanna teach kids the Christian truth If you wanna reach those kids on the street Then you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat So I gave my sermon an urban kick My rhymes are fly, my beats are sick My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger That’s ’cause Jesus Christ is my nigga Woo! [Verse 2: Pastor Jim Colerick] He’s a life-changer, miracle arranger Born to the virgin mom in a manger Water to wine, he’s a drink exchanger And he died for your sins I preach the word, that’s my gig And I rhyme better than Notorious B.I.G All the other MCs, I wish them well But if you live in sin, you burn in hell Now I’ma pass the mic to my lovely wife She’s a fly MC and the light of my life So to bust a rhyme without further ado Take it away, Mary Sue! [Verse 3: Mary Sue Colerick] Jesus Christ is my nigga He’s the son of the original G And he was sent to Earth to elucidate the way that we should be (What?) Like if another MC says, “You’re a freak! You’re a lame-butt rapper and your rhymes are weak!” I don’t get mad and I don’t critique I forgive him, and turn the other cheek I don’t blaspheme and I don’t brag I don’t cuss, and my pants don’t sag I do exude a little Christian swag And I’m proud to be an American! [Verse 4: Pastor Jim Colerick & Mary Sue Colerick] Jesus Christ is our nigga Let his light shine through ya! Let his love pop a cap in your butt and say hallelujah Jesus Christ is our nigga He’s a homie MC, JC, you see He’s an honest, caring, peace-loving nigga like me [Verse 5: Pastor Jim Colerick & Mary Sue Colerick] If you do drugs and you think you’re cool You need to come to Sunday school! Put those drugs in a garbage can Stand up tall, you’re a Christian man! [Outro: Pastor Jim Colerick & Mary Sue Colerick] Word up! I’m freestyling! Hit me!


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