[Intro] It’s Seiji baby I have a long scope Look like a dick on my Glock [Verse 1: lil ricefield] Got that chop, got that stick, bitch, I’m trapanese Ramen noodles on my dick when I’m clapping cheeks Going stupid in the whip ‘cause I cannot see Tryna bring your dog, then you better bring that cutlery Getting to the chips, hunnids blue, like Doraemon Nice guy, but I spit flames like I’m Iroh Talking out your neck, I bring the drum, taiko Lames get to speaking Then what’s up bitch? Ohaiyo! (Ohaiyo) I’m a fucking shogun Fronting in my face opposition, let me roll one Always get the A-plus, bitch, I need more huns One less dog at the pound ‘cause I stole one Man these suckas wanna test, but I’m Asian, so I pass Bitch I’m running up a check, I ain’t never skipping class If you talking out your neck, on my momma, it’s a lash If I become doctor, I ain’t saving your hoe ass (You doctor yet?) [Verse 2: seiji oda] Aye, why your eyes like that? Ain’t no molly in my lean, bitch, I squint ‘cause I’m a Jap Visor bucket on my face, I don’t fuck with fitted caps All this money that I make, keep it hidden in a stack in my mattress Add it like a master, math kid Skinny long slick mustache like a catfish Finna go Godzilla we gon’ smash shit Lil ricefield fuck with big rice patty, we active [Verse 3: lil ricefield] She a hourglass, like the village of the sand Made a bitch fall in love, now she tryna hold my hand I ain’t trippin’ off these thots, all I’m thinking ’bout is bands On some Caitlyn Jenner shit, bitch, I’m feeling like the man Dirty comin’ out yo mouth, bitch, it’s good we go toe to toe Dirty snow bunny, bitch, you lookin’ like Post Malone Congratulations, you won gold for the brokest hoe I’m getting the guap, pockets fat like Totoro Fuck a bitch to sleep, then I cut, like I’m killer bee Made her hella mad, you can bet she’s still into me On my A game, I get killed if I get a B Want the sushi roll, nah, bitch, you can’t get the D Shawty think I love her but I’m on to the next Now she tellin’ big tales, tyrannosaurus rex That hoe be textin’ me she just askin’ me for sex so I fuck her from behind like a thousand years of death (Thousand years of death) [Outro: lil ricefield] Like a thousand years of death Thousand years of death


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