DJ Khaled’s New Album “Father Of Asahd” Has Finally Arrived

Since the release of his debut album “Listennn…The Album” back in 2006, DJ Khaled has curated some of the most riveting albums featuring some of the industry’s most prolific artists. Today, the Miami veteran does a great deed for the game with the release of his 11th studio album “Father Of Asahd”.

It’s pretty weird that Khaled hasn’t released ANY singles prior to the album’s release, seeing as though we’re used to getting at least two singles before each release in the past. Khaled hasn’t revealed much about his album in terms of collaborations. Cardi B teased her feature with Khaled on Twitter, noting that their release would be in full effect today. In addition, the late Nipsey Hussle — who shot a video with Khaled before his untimely death in March, is featured on the album.

The hitmaker also revealed that he will be donating all of the proceeds from he and Nipsey’s record “Higher” to Nip’s children in an Instagram post (see below):

Nonetheless, “Father Of Asahd” is most certainly one for the books — you can see for yourself below! Be sure to give it an ear and leave your feedback in the comments.


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