Dreamville’s Bas and JID Drop New Banger “Fried Rice”

When “Fried Rice” started trending on Twitter, a lot of folks thought it was about the delicious cuisine, but nope. The reason was that Bas and JID dropped a track named after the popular take-out dish and are feeding rap fans ears.

The off-kilter slam was produced by Click has the two rappers trading bars, reminiscing on money and old relationships. The flow is reminiscent of the stutter-style used by Busta Rhymes and other ’90s rappers, with updated slang.

“This from the latest collection, my boy
You can copy the wave when I drop in the summer
Fiends got the city up under the wing like it’s fried rice
I done died twice, I got nine lives, that means seven to spare
Vision blurry, but the hindsight always 20/20, I see Heaven and Hell”

If you haven’t heard this cut yet, get a plate and enjoy ????.


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