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Review – Diaspora (Goldlink)


Review – Diaspora (Goldlink)

Jesse Childs

A diaspora is any group of people from one place, living in exile, in another. Goldlink’s new album entitled Diaspora refers to the African diaspora, or all the people of African descent living outside the continent of Africa. The result is a gumbo of sounds that include trap to tropical vibes and reminds the world that African Americans and other Black folks are the biggest trendsetters in popular culture for a reason.

The lead single “Zulu Screams” has a South African kwaito vibe and features Maleek Berry and Bibi Bourelly. The visual has Goldlink turning up as a hologram at an extremely lit underground African dance party. Another stand out track is “U Say” featuring Tyler, The Creator and Jay Prince. The bouncy Afrobeat tune is a party starter that is sure to help break the ice as dudes step to the ladies at the dancehall.

The songs “More”, “Yard”, and “No Lie” add to the concept of the album, bringing vibes from Nigeria to Jamaica into the mix. The album features Pusha T, Wiz Kid, and Khalid as major names and a few lesser known artists as well. This joint is perfect for blasting in the car, playing in the background during a game of dominos or bumping in the club at 1am. You can give the skip button a rest for the most part, with the exception of a random interlude here and there. Children, come get ya culture and take a sonic safari with Goldlink’s Diaspora.

Rating – Dope

Jesse Childs
Jesse Childs

Jesse Childs aka Jesus Niños aka Gyasi Chiles. Cali native. Afrofuturist. Purveyor of dope music and culture. Checking for the freshest in Hip Hop. Artist and Author, founder of the Afromerican Project. Oneness is reality. Ready 4 Liberation.

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