Are Future and Lori Harvey Still Together?

For the longest, it seemed that the ruthless lothario and heartbroken hit maker, Future, would never be tied down by any woman. He famously raps about never chasing women, but rather chasing monetary rewards. He famously spurned R & B superstar Ciara despite her being pregnant with his son. But then, he met one Lori Harvey. The lovely lady managed to nail down Future despite his very famous aversion to relationships and commitment. The two seemed to be doing quite well, often posting pictures together. Future also famously threw his new beau an extravagant birthday party. Prior to the stay at home orders across the country, the couple seemed very happy. Future and Lori had reportedly moved into a sprawling Los Angeles mansion. They shared pictures poolside, and it seemed that Life was good for the Diamonds Dancing hip hop star and Miss Harvey. But things seemed to have changed in recent times. Future Hendrix and his longtime girlfriend Lori Harvey have reportedly unfollowed each other on social media, implying that their relationship has run its course. It appears Future also reportedly deleted all of the photos containing Lori Harvey off of his profile. The behavior is becoming of a couple engaging in the act of uncoupling. The two likely had an unhappy split as the choice to unfollow each other implies that the two parties did not want to see the other any more in any form – in person or digitally. The split does not seem to be getting to Future as the ladies man posted a photo on Instagram of four stunning ladies posing for the camera. The caption drips with the trademark glee in the face of pain and reads,  “Happy Sunday.” The photo tells fans that Future is uninterested in a harmonious relationship, exuding an unbothered aura. Lori seems to be on the same gameplan. She spent her last few days posting bikini pictures and other stunning content. The 23 year old is famously the daughter of one Steve Harvey of ”The Steve Harvey Show” fame. He is, of course, also the newest host of the hit show “Family Feud”. Lori Harvey has established herself as quite the model with a social media following of 2.3 million followers. She also famously dated Diddy’s son, a former UCLA football player; she shortly thereafter dated Puff Daddy himself, making for an awkward family dinner.


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