Is Cardi B calling it Quits?

Cardi B files for a divorce from Offset. Belcalis (Cardi B) and Kiari’s (Offset) relationship has been in the news quite a bit questioning Kiari’s loyalty to the “WAP” rapper Belcalis with scandals from multiple women. It doesn’t help when his dm’s with “Jade” (Sixnine’s Girlfriend) got leaked he tweeted some out of character statements and his alleged “hacking” was on his Instagram which is fishy considering he released the statements in question were on a different platform. Regardless if the tweets were a hacker or a failed cover-up to another infidelity scandal by Kiari or his team it doesn’t look good for the couple’s image as a whole Taking an unexpected turn. Throughout the past couple of months, the internet has seen memorable and wholesome clips of the couple and their daughter Kulture. So this was a shock to many people as it looked like the family was growing fonder in the public’s eye, as Cardi expressed on an IG live “When you feel it’s not the same anymore, before you actually get cheated on I’d rather just leave”. This really shows you a disconnect between social media and real relationships, because online your relationship could look like it’s thriving from a family video or photo but when it comes down to it you could be in court disputing a divorce case in a couple of months. The future of the family Cardi expressed that cheating was not a factor in her decision but that she “just got tired of f**king arguing” and filed to the courts “the marriage is irretrievably broken with no prospects for reconciliation”. There is something the couple could have had different perspectives on that lead to this decision, their daughter Kulture now has an instagram account which is interesting when you look back to when she was born the pair didn’t want to release ANY pictures of Kulture to the media even with offers of financial prospects. Needless to say I think this will only boost Cardi B’s music career as she is a free agent to further market her sex positive and women empowerment image. Cardi leaving the relationship at the prime of career I only see more growth from her as an artist and a public figure, with both Cardi and Offset being artists I’m almost certain there will be lyrics pertaining to one another the real question is what tone will they choose to take and will we see any co-parenting? 


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