Secret Kanye West Listening Party Leaked

July 24, 2021 will mark exactly one year since Kanye West’s 10th studio album,”Donda,” was supposedly scheduled to drop but did not. Two days before this disappointment, Kanye Tweeted, “DND: WTH CHLD this Friday,” followed by a picture of what appeared to be a track list from the album. Considering Kanyes’s history of unfulfilled promises surrounding his albums in the past, the non-release of “Donda” seemed par for the course, though it was still, understandably, frustrating for his fans who have had to endure these types of things for over a decade.

And the July 18th post wasn’t even the beginning of this year-long drama as rumors began prior to the Tweet. In March of 2020, Pusha T revealed that he was in the process of finishing a project with West while Kanye was known to be recording in Cabo. Then on May 25, Arthur Jafa revealed the project on Instagram Live while describing a video for the album. And, even though Kanye released a part of a song called “Donda” on July 13, July 24, 2020 came and went without a new Kanye album.

Finally, today – one day after Consequence added an Instagram post of Tyler the Creator and West listening to a new, unnamed track, assumed to be something from “Donda”- hnhh reported that leaked screenshots of an invitation for a Kanye West album release party were posted to a Twitter account, while an Instagram post from another source read, “There’s a private album listening event happening tomorrow in Vegas.”

Could this time be different? Is a Kanye West release inevitable? Kanye fans are hopeful but remain cautiously optimistic.


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