Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial Sells Out The Staples Center In 10 Minutes

Tickets for Nipsey Hussle’s Celebration of Life Ceremony sold out in about ten minutes. The event was announced a few days prior to the free tickets being made available online through the Staples Center digital box office. The venue seats 21,000 people so that comes out to 2,100 tickets per minute if all of the seats were made available.

Shortly after the tickets sold out on Tuesday, April 9 just after 10 am, some of the more entrepreneurial ticket holders began auctioning off tickets on eBay for $100. Somehow, we don’t think Nipsey would be too mad about that. For the lucky ones that got their hands on tickets, the event will commence on Thursday, April 11, 2019, at 10 am. A procession from the venue to Forest Lawn Memorial Park is expected to follow the celebration of life event.

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