Rihanna Nets 80K a Month on Beverly Hills Property Rental

People with a propensity for great business success are highly adaptive to the fluctuating trends in the market, and they know to strike when the iron is hot. Rihanna is no exception. In fact, with an estimated net worth of $550 million, she is an industry standard.

Though we are most familiar with Rihanna as one of the most successful recording artists of all time – with sales of over 250 million records worldwide – over the years she has proven that her business acumen extends far beyond the boundaries of the music industry as she has enjoyed the success of everything from her various Fenty fashion and beauty brands to an acting career and countless endorsements.

But as the 2021 real-estate market has exploded for property owners and sellers alike, Rihanna’s business savvy is on display again as, according to housebeautiful.com, she is now renting her Beverly Hills mansion – one that she purchased for $13.75 million earlier this year – for a whopping $80,000 a month! This 5,909 square foot, five bedroom/five full bath property with a four car garage, a courtyard and a kitchen with two refrigerators, sits in the Beverly Hills Post Office area, directly next door to a second property that she purchased this year for $10 million.

With this new business venture, Rihanna extends her real-estate resume to include her most expensive rental to date, one that joins an exhaustive list of other expensive rentals, flips and longer-term holdings. If you are looking for a safe place to invest your money, follow Rihanna closely. Because, regardless of whether the crazy 2021 real estate trends continue, one thing is for sure: Rihanna is always trending upward!


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