Tory Lanez is Sticking With His Story

Tory hasn’t heard the end of it since his incident with Meg Thee Stallion and rightfully so, if the story Meg tells is true Tory has no room to be a SUCCESSFUL public figure. The rapper’s recent project “Daystar” sold 36,000 in its first week which made it to the US Billboard top ten making it Tory’s sixth top ten Debut with 47.7 million on-demand streams on the project. Which if we’re being honest with his negative portrait depicted by the media he had a fantastic first week. The album’s subjects have a wide range from how life is going for the rapper to the public view through news outlets and peers opinions, all in all it’s just another Tory Lanez project with a splash of emotion surrounding his recent media attention. As of late he went on livestream with his story on how the night where he got arrested really went.    Tory’s Story One of Tory’s recent live streams he says “Yo I lied to the cop I lied to the doctors lemme tell you why they’re saying there’s glass in my feet tho” which is what Meg Thee Stallion alleges in her side of the story he goes on with “Ladies and gentlemen I need us to really understand what she’s saying here you mean to tell me these medical doctors in an ambulance that work on injuries 24/7 for all day that have to know every type of onsite injury and the specification of the on site injuries so they can treat it right so you mean to tell me you lied to these people and they just treated you as if you had glass but you had a bullet in you.” which from an outside perspective sounds logical but we still do not know all the details as there have been different stories from almost all of the witnesses. Tory Lanez goes on to say “Have you seen one article in the last three months that made me look good during this” all in all a good point to make but with “Cancel Culture” as it stands today ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ is a belief that people stand by so take that how you will. Tory speaks out to say he knows what he knows and “The truth will come to light” which no one knows how long that will take but one thing is for sure and that’s Tory has a case and it’s not looking up for him. 


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