What is Big Sean’s Newest Song and Why is it Controversial?

Big Sean’s newest album Detroit 2 has drawn a lot of commotion and it hasn’t even dropped yet. Recently, Big Sean dropped a lead single, “Deep Reverence” which contains a verse from the late great Nipsey Hussle. The song was produced by Hit Boy, along with Rogét Chahayed, Audio Anthem and G. Ry. On the track, the two rappers reflect about their experience navigating the streets. The Eritrean king died at 33 last year after being shot outside his Marathon Clothing store in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. The song begins with a moving chorus where Nipsey Hussle raps in his familiar Southern California drawl. “F— rap, I’m a street legend. But I’m the don because the streets said it. Block love me with a deep reverence.” Big Sean follows up with an introspective view of his experiences on the climb to the top. Sean reveals that after Hussle’s death, his perspective on the rap game changed. He flows, “After what happened to Nipsey, I reached out to Kendrick. It wasn’t even no real issues there to begin with. Lack of communication and wrong information. From people fueled by their ego, it’s like mixin’ flames with diesel”. The reference might be a reference to the lyrics Kendrick spewed on “Control”. Kendrick Lamar famously spewed lyrical shots at every single rapper within range, finishing with the vague threat, “I got love for you all but I’m trying to murder you n—–”. The list of targets included Big Sean, despite the fact that Big Sean had invited Kendrick onto the song. Many people likened Kendrick’s verse to Tupac’s “Hit Em Up” in that it took direct aim at his peers, called out their inauthenticity, and made not-so-vague threats. But after this verse, it seems Sean and Kendrick have cleared the air after Nipsey’s untimely passing. The single is already immensely popular. But interestingly enough, Big Sean claims that  the record label did not want him to release the track. On social media, he explained, “My label (a few people there, not the whole label) thought it wasn’t smart to put this song out ahead of my album, they told my team I should hold on to it … They still supported my decision in the end tho.” The Detroit star has since deleted his tweet. Sean dismissed their statements, instead following his own internal compass. “ I felt like hearing nips voice, his presence and the energy of the song itself was needed and deserved it’s own moment!” he wrote. Detroit 2 is set to drop on September 4th.


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