When Will We Get More Kendrick Lamar?

It has been a minute since we heard any new music from Kendrick Lamar, especially when it comes to features. There is no doubt that K Dot fans are thirsting for new music from him with rumors that an album was supposed to come out in 2019, which unfortunately did not happen. What fans did receive in 2019 however was a couple of features on “Hair Down” by Sir and “NILE” by Beyonce. Other than that the Pulitzer Prize winning writer and rapper of his album “DAMN” which was released back in 2017 has been relatively quiet compared to many other artists and musicians in the industry nowadays. Some artists are struggling to stay relevant, doing whatever they can to get some of the spotlight. Kendrick Lamar’s way with words and profound thoughts would be a breath of fresh air during these times and we finally have something to look forward to. It was recently released that Kendrick Lamar will be one of the features on Busta Rhymes new album “ELE 2: The Wrath of God” which is a 22 track project packed with powerhouse features including Kendrick Lamar who features on the song “Look Over Your Shoulder” that is set to be released on October 30, 2020. 


Earlier this month a rumor went around that Kendrick had left Top Dawg Entertainment to join his own label “pgLang” which Kendrick and his manager Dave Free started up back in March.  The rumors were spread around quickly but also debunked by Kendrick with an official statement that he is still with TDE. This would mean that his next album would be released under the TDE record label. Although there is no set date for the album to be released, fans are hopeful that new music is coming soon with some spotting Kendrick filming a music video in Los Angeles. 

What is pgLang?

The somewhat mysterious company launched by Lamar and Free has been described as a publishing house, movie studio, and record label all in one and they have a message behind them. Their website states “Our community speaks different languages and breaks formats for the curious.” There is more on the page but is blacked out like a confidential file, adding more mystery to the creators’ project.

Latest Music 

Kendrick hasn’t been completely silent this year. He did release an EP back in June titled “The Beauty In The Patience” that featured verses from the late and great Tupac and Nipsey Hussle along with living legends Pusha T and J. Cole. Prior to this, he appeared on some features in 2019, made music for the film Black Panther in 2018, which was a follow up of his masterpiece “DAMN” released in 2017. This may be a little lull in Kendricks career, due to the lack of music released in 2020; however, it leaves open the very likely possibility that he is working on something new and groundbreaking that all of his fans and more are eager to hear. The truth of the matter is we have no idea when a new Kendrick Lamar album will be released, but we are all waiting.   


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