Where Is The Album, Kanye?

Kanye West was set to release his newest Christian rap album, Donda: With Child. The album was to be named after Kanye’s late mother. Kanye has famously also named his creative content company after his late mother as well. The title took on a new meaning recently when Kanye West revealed that his father wanted to abort him while his mother insisted she birth Kanye. The album, which was originally titled “God’s Country”, was announced several weeks ago. Since, Kanye announced on Twitter that he would be releasing the album on July 24, 2020.  The project was also announced in conjunction with an accompanying film. The video project was to be created by Arthur Jafa, a creative who had worked with West’s work prior. He used West’s “Ultralight Beam” in conjunction with a video that was meant to depict the Black experience in America. The combination was an art project that was exhibited in modern art museums across the country. Jafa would also do something similar on the video for Kanye’s lead single, “Wash Us In The Blood” featuring Kanye West’s brother in law, Travis Scott. The day has come and Kanye’s album has not been released on streaming platforms as of the writing of this article. This comes to no surprise as Kanye West has blown past several deadlines for albums. He famously works up until the deadline he has set for projects. Famously, on “Ye”, Kanye even created the album artwork while on the road to the listening party for the respective album. This time, fans were likely expecting delays as Kanye West seemed to be grappling with his mental health. West has taken to the medium of Twitter to voice his thoughts on a variety of problematic issues. He recently announced his intention to run for President of the United States and made problematic statements at a campaign rally in Southern Carolina. Some believe the impending album deadline and the Presidential campaign West is leading has contributed to the deterioration of his mental health.  He has feuded with his own family, putting his wife Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner on blast. The rants air several intimate details about their relationship. Kanye claims that the family is trying to institute a temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment because they believe Kanye presents a danger to himself and potentially others due to signs of Kanye’s bipolar disorder. Kim has taken to her Instagram to ask the media to be gentle and understanding with Kanye because she believes he is suffering from such illness. Kanye, meanwhile, insists the Kardashians are trying to control him. The whole business is a very unfiltered look into the mind of West. Mental illness is nothing to scoff at and the hope is that West finds the help he needs, if he needs it.  If you are struggling with mental health, please do not hesitate to reach out to loved ones and professionals equipped to assist you. There are phone lines available to assist you at any hour of the day. You are not alone.

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