YG Clowns Tekashi 69 At Coachella

To say YG doesn’t like snitches is an understatement. In fact, he doesn’t like them so much that he wrote a song about it and guess which rapper is the poster boy for the new song? If you guessed the rainbow-haired Tekashi 69 than you’re correct. Presumably called “Stop Snitching“, YG performed the as of now unreleased track during weekend one of Coachella with a mugshot of Tekashi 69 next to a stop sign meme stating “Stop Snitchin'”. He is referring to the statements Tekashi submitted to the police in an attempted to strike a deal to reduce his own prison time.


YG is a well-known member of the Bloods from LA. Tekashi ratted out several members of NYC’s Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. Faking the funk will get you called out and YG turned his Coachella set into the 2001 Summer Jam screen. However, in a display of brotherhood, YG also dedicated his full set to his friend and collaborator the late Nipsey Hussle.


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