Does NBA Youngboy Have Herpes?

When you love an artist, it is only natural that you crave hot gossip about them. Sometimes, listening to an artist every day on your drive to work, or in the shower can make you feel like you know them, personally. You want to know the things their songs haven’t already told you. So, what about NBA Youngboy? What has he not told you? Maybe you already knew that his government name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, or that he has a wife, Lapattra Jacobs. Maybe you knew that he is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you knew all these things already, then you’re probably a close follower of NBA Youngboy. The only questions left are the ones that are deeply personal. The kind you have to dig for and look in the shadows for clues. You’re probably wondering, specifically, if he has herpes. This question came up when he claimed that his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Jania Jackson, spread the STD to him. There has been a lot of bickering back and forth between the two, about who had it first, and who infected whom. There has even been some speculation by his fans that she was lying, and that neither of them has herpes.

The Short Answer

Yes. NBA Youngboy has herpes. He has confirmed it in his song, “Can’t Be Saved”. In this song, he raps the line, “Herpes in my blood and that sh*t got me cryin’”. In this track, he highlights some of the issues he had with the mother of his child, saying, “I don’t f*ck with that h*e, and I don’t care about that baby. If you cheated, go f*ck him again.” The Louisiana rapper also released a song titled, “Truth About Herpes”, where he opens up completely about the scandal. In this song, he claims, “That ain’t the truth when I hear you saying I got herpes and I gave it to Ni (Jania). To tell the truth, that chick gave it to me.” His ex quickly went to Twitter to deny his claims, saying she didn’t give anyone a sexually transmitted disease. There hasn’t been much of a response from his current partner about the matter. She hasn’t said anything about the beef between Kentrell and Jania, or confirmed whether or not she has contracted herpes from him or not. It’s safe to assume that she doesn’t want to get in the middle of it, and that is completely understandable. Hopefully, her business stays private and we are only privy to information that NBA Youngboy is willing to openly give the public. 

Jania Jackson 

There isn’t much information about his ex, or how they started dating. The people NBA Youngboy has surrounded himself with over the years have been mostly very private people. Jania did take to Twitter, though, to categorically deny having transmitted herpes to her former partner. She expressed her frustration and even accused her ex of lying about it in his songs in order to sell more records. She did, however, confess to having herpes. It’s unclear whether she thinks that he got herpes before sleeping with her or perhaps her confession was meant to confirm that she did, in fact, give him herpes, as opposed to her statement on Twitter. Either way, they definitely both have it. There also hasn’t been any word from his other baby mamas on the matter. Depending on when he contracted the sexually transmitted disease, he may have exposed other women to it, but so far none of them have come forward, and NBA Youngboy hasn’t disclosed a timeline indicating when he may have been infected with herpes or exactly when he found out. The only thing to be said about his current partner or anyone who linked up with him after he split from Jania Jackson,  is it would be wise to get tested. As for his children, there also hasn’t been any word of how this has affected them, if at all. If one of his baby mamas contracted herpes from him before giving birth, it is possible that their child could have herpes, but seeing as they are children who are innocent and didn’t have a choice, we won’t speculate on that matter and we can only hope that no one else does.  

About Herpes

To shed some light on herpes, so that we may better understand what NBA youngboy is going through, here are some facts about the STD, according to the CDC:
  • Most people with herpes don’t even know they have it. It is very common for there to be no symptoms
  • Blisters and sores are the most common symptoms
  • While there isn’t a cure, there is a treatment to make the symptoms more manageable and breakouts less common
  • Genital herpes does not cause additional health problems (this means that it won’t progress into heart problems, or wreak havoc on your reproductive health in the way that you will be infertile or develop more serious or even life-threatening issues.)
  • Even without symptoms, an infected person can still spread herpes. If you’ve ever heard that you can’t spread it unless you’re having an outbreak, that is a myth. Always use the proper protection and preventative measures, especially if you or your partner have genital herpes
There are two kinds of herpes. HSV1 and HSV2. HSV1 is a kind of herpes most people have, and it is not always sexually transmitted. HSV1 can be transmitted from drinking after other people, and in some cases, it can be passed to an infant from the mother during birth.  This kind of herpes typically manifests as cold sores or “fever blisters” on the lips. The kind NBA Youngboy has it HSV2.  This is the kind that is usually sexually transmitted and shows up in the form of sores and blisters on or around a person’s genitals. HSV2 is commonly referred to as “genital herpes”.

What’s The Big Deal?

There really isn’t much of a stigma around herpes, or any STD anymore. Of course, no one is saying that it’s a good idea to contract one on purpose or to not use protection. There are sexually transmitted diseases out there that can be life-threatening, such as HIV, or some that can cause other, more serious issues if they go untreated. However, the idea that someone is “gross” or “unclean” just because they contracted an STD, has slowly faded away over the years and with more information than we had since the 1980s, for example. Living with an STD is part of life for so many people, and it’s hard enough without society trying to strip you from your dignity. Keep in mind, you can get an STD even if it’s your very first time having sex. You can also get it from your partner if your partner has been cheating on you. Just because someone has a disease, doesn’t mean that they are less of a person, or a person less deserving of respect.  NBA Youngboy has definitely made a bold choice to rap about the issue, though. It’s not often that artists are so open and blunt with things like this. We’ve all heard some searing gossip about every musician’s love life but rarely do we hear about the deeply personal, and especially medical issues they experience with their partners.  Hopefully, NBA Youngboy’s honesty and disclosure can help others be more accepting and understanding of another person’s private issues. Whether that means respecting others’ privacy or taking the time to understand that things like STDs and failed relationships are things that could happen to pretty much any of us.     SOURCES:

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