How did Juice Wrld die

There is a young group of rappers and hip-hop artists who have come out of the northeast as well as parts of California who are personified by a particular sound. Juice Wrld is, or was, a rapper who personified that world. Young fans around the world were devastated when they learned that Juice Wrld died. To many, he represented one of their favorite musicians. And although some of Juice Wrld’s music has blown up since his death, at the time, he was still something of an underground hit. And when underground-type musicians or artists die, many fans are especially hurt by it because they feel a sense of ownership over the artist, as if he or she was their own. This is precisely what happened with the outpouring of love and sadness that flooded social media after Juice Wrld’s death.

Juice Wrld’s Best Songs

Although Juice Wrld died off at only 21 years old of a seizure, he was quite prolific given the short amount of time he was able to create music. Juice Wrld’s biggest song by far is a single called “Lucid Dreams,” which has over a billion views on YouTube. In addition to “Lucid Dreams,” some of Juice Wrld’s best songs include:
  • Lean Wit Me: This song is a fan favorite. It is basically a banger that you can listen to while chilling at a party or just going for a cruise.
  • Syphilis: This is one of Juice Wrld’s more lyrically sophisticated songs. This song shows that had Juice Wrld lived longer; he may well have ended up being a major Rap artist.
  • My Fault: This is one of Juice Wrld’s sadder deeper songs. Again, it shows his potential.
  • Wasted: This is another club banger coming from Juice Wrld.
  • Robbery: This song is a crowd favorite.

Juice Wrld’s Death

If you are wondering how did Juice Wrld die, it was by a seizure which medical examiners believe was due to an accidental overdose of prescription pain killers. While Juice Wrld’s death is exceedingly sad, as is the death of every young person who is snuffed out before their time, the fact that Juice Wrld’s death happened at the hands of prescription pain killers is especially pertinent given his status among Gen Zers. Prescription drug abuse is increasingly popular in the United States. There are many reasons why this occurs. Partly, it has to do with the seemingly innocuous nature of prescription drugs. Many people first stumble upon prescription medications, especially opioids, that are present in the cabinets of friends and or family members. As such, many young people interested in experimenting with drugs think to themselves, “If this is in my friend or family member’s cabinet, it can’t possibly be that dangerous.” But the fact is opioids are incredibly dangerous and can lead to heart attacks, seizures, and other major problems. Another issue specific to opioids is that they are highly addictive. Addiction has many elements and is far more complicated than meets the eye.  The most obvious element of addiction is the chemical element. There are certain substances—whether they be as serious as heroin or as seemingly mundane as sugar—that set off the reward centers in your brain. And the more you stimulate these reward centers, the stronger the connections in your brain become, which are associated with the addictive behavior. This makes especially good sense with opioids because the first step toward making them is quite simple. Not only are opioids readily available, but they also are not particularly scary. Many people wind up avoiding harder drugs like heroin and others because they have heard the horror stories and know that to take something like heroin often requires the use of a needle. Most people smartly avoid making that move. But opioids? It is as easy for someone to start taking opioids as it is to begin taking any other pill. The scary thing is that opioid-based drugs are especially easy to come by for rich and famous celebrities like Juice Wrld. Why? Because many doctors are all too happy to write out prescriptions to the rich and famous, even when it is obvious that the person they are prescribing is abusing the drugs. It is unknown whether Juice Wrld got his deadly cocktail of prescription drugs legally or illegally. But, either way, the point is that in many cases, dangerous and addictive prescription drugs are often far too easy for people to get their hands on. This is especially true in the case of someone like Juice Wrld, who is not only famous but also has the money to effectively do whatever he wants. For many people, early fame creates something like an echo-chamber. This is a large part of the reason why so many celebrities seem to die young or get addicted to drugs or make other major career mistakes. There is no more dangerous time in any individual’s life than their late-teen and early twenties. Why? Because this is the time when they are often leaving home for the first time, it is also when they are gaining their own financial independence and, most of all, when their bodily hormones are raging. Combine all of those factors with the fact that Juice Wrld was rich, famous, and had tremendous access to whatever he wanted, and it becomes exceedingly easy for anyone with even the least bit of sympathy to feel bad for the now deceased star.  While it is hardly worth referring to as a “silver lining,” there is something unique in the death of artists. Unlike other types of people who die and then exist only in our memories, artists truly leave a part of their spirit and soul behind in the form of their work. While it would be better to have the real Juice Wrld still alive, it is nice to know that fans of the rapper and potential future fans have the option to get to know the deceased Rapper in a truly deep and meaningful way through listening to his music. Forget reading articles about Juice Wrld or any second-hand sources; if you want to know what he was about, simply go straight to the source and listen to his music.


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