How Many Grammys Does Nicki Minaj Have?

Does winning a Grammy define how successful an artist is? Not necessarily. But to many artists, Grammy and other awards are important because they represent a nod from their peers that their work is both heard and appreciated. However, some female artists, Rappers in-particular, have been famously shafted by the Grammys, which may well have something to do with the fact that even a female artist as big as Nicki Minaj has zero Grammys. 

Do Female Rappers Have It Easy?

The answer is NO. But did that stop the female rappers from making a mark? The answer again is NO. So, it goes back to the 70s. The era when Hip Hop or rapping as everyone most popularly calls it began in Bronx New York City. In the beginning, the focus was breakbeats. When it first started in house parties and neighborhood events, rapping was male dominant. It still is. But many rapping queens shaped hip-hop. Their struggles and unique style gave birth to the various forms of rapping.  Back in the 70s, Lyte was the first female rapper. However, it was not until the 80s that she started enjoying fame. She also has to her name the honor of being the first female rapper who released a solo album in the 80s. Following Lyte’s footsteps, many female rappers came out. But it was not until the 90s that it happened. Some of the most prominent names of that era include Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma, and Foxy Brown.  Coming back to Nicki Minaj, she came much later than all these rappers (obviously because she was born late). But Minaj started rapping at a tender age of 12. She would rap as a means of escape from her troublesome life as she had to cope with an abusive father. The rest, as we know, is history. What Nicki Minaj used as a tool to escape into her fantasy world became a source of recognition and earned her fame.  

The Minaj Way

Talking about Minaj’s rapping style, some people criticize her for having one foot in pop while the other is in hip-hop. But that is the thing about getting famous; you receive criticism and loads of it. As they say, if you aren’t hated means you are doing something wrong. Minaj’s style has been versatile. One reason why she received the G.O.A.T. status as well. Her powerful lyrics, along with her ability to rap in several flows or at one pace, make her a favorite among the audiences.   She continuously challenges the male rappers with her talent. Pick up a singer, and you will notice that he/she relies on a single style that becomes his/her signature. Most of the singers are also not comfortable altering the techniques in a single song as well. But Minaj has it different. She keeps on challenging herself on the mic. She is often compared to big names like Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z. Her style is considered an amalgam of all the best qualities that the most prominent rappers have.  The fact that Minaj’s talent is broad enough to be described after gathering references from many all-time greats speaks volumes about her as an artist. If you are still wondering that after all the fame how many Grammys does Nicki Minaj have, then the answer is NONE. Did that shock you? It would astonish many. It makes it clear that winning a Grammy is not the only means of measuring a star’s success. Minaj won many other prestigious awards, though. Among them are American Music Awards, B.E.T. Awards, Billboard Music Awards and Billboard Women in Music Awards. If you ask about the number, then Minaj owns to her name a total of 151 awards. After talking about her success, it is time to throw light on her friendships. Fame does not come without envy, jealousy, and hatred. Therefore, where stars have a love relationship with many, they share a hate relationship with others. 

Friend or Foe?

Minaj has always been in the spotlight for her unusual styling sense. From her various wigs to colorful outfits, Minaj has always been in the limelight for carrying herself different from others. The same goes for Lady Gaga and Cardi B, btw. Talking about the latter, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B do not share a friendly relationship. Things went down after Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj and her team at New York Fashion Week’s party. So, Cardi B is a foe.  Moving on, Minaj’s friendship with Lil Kim has had its ups and downs. They had beef over an album cover issue. But the feud ended in 2018. So, Lil Kim is a foe turned friend. As far as Nicki Minaj’s relationship with Drake is concerned, how many of you remember the lap dance that the Anaconda singer gave Drake during a performance? Rumors back in 2010 had it that both were dating too. But none of them proved to be true. So, Drake would fall into the friend category. Perhaps the only person that has been a friend to Minaj is Lil Wayne. He discovered and signed her to his label. And both of them are working on an album together as well. Hence, making Lil Wayne a friend as well. A rather good friend. 

What About Love Life?

Just like friends, love interests come and go as well. Minaj had a couple of relationships before she settled for the current husband, Kenneth Petty. She is over the moon ever since she married him and describes her marriage with petty as calming and refreshing. Fans wish the couple a happily ever after. And hope that things remain just as calm and fresh for all the time to come. That is it on Rap TV’s part. I hope the suspense revolving around how many Grammys does Nicki Minaj have did not disappoint you. Keep coming back to this space for more hot gossips and the latest news.  Sources–EYbdJUAYG8aNXcNqvrezotPa


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