How Many Kids Does Lil Wayne Have?

As a rapper, Lil Wayne signed a record deal early on in his life with Cash Money, with money from the co-founders, Bryan “Birdman” Williams also being known as “Baby,” a word that Lil Wayne knows a thing or two about. With a 9-figure net worth, fatherhood is something that Lil Wayne has no problem being able to financially afford. With four children and four different mothers to each of those children, it may sound like Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, or Lil Wayne to the rest of us has a family tree with a whole lot of branches. But all four of Lil Wayne’s kids represent an important part of Lil Wayne’s life that we are going to learn more about right this minute.

 Reginae Carter

You may not know that Lil Wayne already had a daughter before some of his fans became fans. Lil Wayne’s first child is Reginae Carter, an actress who was born on November 29, 1998, when her daddy was only 16 years old. Reginae Carter’s mother, Antonia Toya Wright, was Lil Wayne’s high school sweetheart. Becoming 22-years-old in 2020, Reginae Carter has already appeared on several reality shows, including the popular My Super Sweet 16, the all-Hip Hop series Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, and T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media became Reginae’s creative domain. Reginae explained to Essence magazine that TikTok was a great way to entertain her fans and be critical of her craft. She said that the video was evidence that she is so much like her father – particularly in terms of being a funny person. Reginae’s mother Antonia Wright met Lil Wayne in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the age of 12, at a corner store while Wayne was standing outside. By the time that she was 14, Johnson became pregnant with their daughter while the two were still high-school aged. By the time that Toya was about to give birth, Lil Wayne was beginning to become Big Wayne as a rapper already signed to Cash Money Records, going after his career full-time to support his daughter. Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson got married later on, initiating the union on Valentine’s Day 2004, when Wayne was a full-blown superstar, the couple got married. The balancing act of fame and family collided after almost two years of marriage in January 2006 when Toya and Wayne called it quits. As a touring musician, Lil Wayne was on the road a whole lot for long periods of time. But even with a divorce on the books, Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson have remained good friends and are able to co-parent just fine.

Dwayne Carter III

Lil Wayne had his oldest son Dwayne III with Atlanta radio host Sarah Vivan in October 2008. The timeline kind of puts Sarah Vivan in the middle of Lil Wayne still being involved with R&B singer Nivea and a pre-Nipsey Hussel Lauren London also. Wayne and Sarah connected at a concert after-party in Cincinnati. Sarah Vivan explained the situation to Global Grind TV:  “I was young, I was like 19…I was just in love… But I liked being behind the scenes, ’cause it was so new to me.” Sarah Vivan has spoken about the great bond she has with all her children. She claims that her children are like her best friends. She sees her role as someone who is guiding their path as they each take their own separate direction.

Kameron Carter

Before actress Lauren London was the romantic partner of the late, great deceased hip hop innovator Nipsey Hussel, Lauren was romantically involved with another noteworthy rapper – Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s third child is named Kameron Carter who was born on an extremely memorable numeric date – 09-09-09. Young Kameron Carter was brave enough to speak in front of the vast audience at The Celebration of Life in honor of Nipsey after he was murdered which took place at the same Staples Center where the Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball team plays. Kameron described a dream he had two days after Nipsey’s tragic death: “I was playing in the ocean water when Ermias popped up right behind me. I turned around and I yelled his name and I gave him a hug… I told my mom about the dream and after I told her, I was thinking about it and I realized that Ermias told me what heaven was like. He told me it was paradise.” Lauren London and Lil Wayne certainly shared a tight bond when they were together, to the point that Wayne tattooed “Lauren” on his right arm. He has since tatted “Carter” over it before his marriage to his present ex-wife. On September 9, 2019, London hopped on the social media Instagram platform to celebrate her and Wayne’s decade spent alive. She was ecstatic that her first child had turned ten – a child she claimed was a gift from God, and evidence of God’s everlasting love.

Neal Carter

 Lil Wayne’s number of kids grew again when he had his son Neal Carter with R&B singer Nivea in November of 2009, about two months after Lauren London had Kameron. In fact, Nivea and Lauren London managed to develop a friendship while they were both expecting their respective kids with Lil Wayne. In an interview, Nivea stated why they were able to look past the completely awkward situation that they found themselves in. She claimed that after the two broke up, they were still so close. As they were going through their own separate difficulties, they thought that even though they were apart, they were likely the best people to help each other out. When does Nivea fit in the timeline of Lil Wayne’s dating timeline? This would be roughly around February 2002, with their relationship expanding even further with an engagement taking place in December 2002. This romantic phase continued well into the summer of 2003 until their bliss came to a screeching halt when the rapper called off their engagement altogether. But this certainly wouldn’t be the last time that Nivea and Wayne would be partnered up, obviously because this was still before their son Neal was born. Before she would give birth to Neal Carter, Nivea first divorced music producer The Dream in 2007. Wayne and Nivea reconciled, and she ended up staying with the rapper even after he had a baby with an ex-girlfriend in 2008. But it just wasn’t meant to be because Wayne and Nivea broke off their engagement for the second time in June 2010. All four of Lil Wayne’s children, Reginae Carter, Dwayne Carter III, Cameron Carter, and Neal Carter have a father young enough and hip enough to relate to their needs, desires, interests, and able to understand the world that they are discovering all around them as the kids of a hip hop legend.


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