How Many Kids Does Rich the Kid Have?

Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid (born Dimitri Leslie Roger) of “Plug Walk” and “New Freezer” fame has emerged on the world stage as a standard-bearer of the Atlanta trap scene. With his foundational collaborations with the Migos and the success of his debut album, The World is Yours, Rich the Kid has secured his position in the outsized influence of Atlanta on the music world.

In addition to owning and managing his own record label, Rich Forever Music, Rich has fathered three kids with two different mothers. His oldest two children, King and Queen, live with their mother in Atlanta while Rich’s youngest child, Dimitri, resides with him and the boy’s mother Tori Brixx in LA. 

Rich the Kid’s Childhood

Although Rich the Kid identifies as an Atlanta-raised rapper, he was originally born and raised in Queens, NY. Rich then moved to his uncle’s house in College Park, Atlanta with his mother after his parents’ divorce when he was thirteen years old. Eventually, his father also relocated to Atlanta as Rich lived with him for a period of time after his mother kicked him out.  In an interview with XXL, Rich revealed that he speaks fluent Haitian Creole as a result of growing up with two Haitian parents. While Rich cites his NY origins as influences on his music with artists such as Nas and Jay-Z, he says that the move to Atlanta made artists such as T.I. and Young Jeezy his primary influences.

In a video interview with DJVlad, Rich states that his teenage years in College Park, Atlanta was filled with run-ins with the law. He describes days filled with boosting cars and running drugs during school hours. Arrested at seventeen for car theft, Rich says he was even tried as an adult and placed in the Cobb County Adult Facility for a five-month sentence. 

Although it’s not clear if Rich graduated from Woodstock High School in Atlanta, he kept producing music and DJ-ing after his school years which led to his famous collaborations with the Migos. Rich connected with the Migos when he saw them headline at a club after which he went over to their house to party and ended up working on music together.

Breakout and Success

Rich the Kid got his first start in the music business by promoting the songs he and the Migos were creating through where local DJs would add them to their line-ups. He began gaining traction at the age of twenty with his 2013 solo mixtape Been About the Benjamins and the two-volume mixtape collab with Migos, Streets on Lock.

Rich soon followed up his breakout with a second solo mixtape in 2014, Feels Good 2 Be Rich, which featured artists including Soulja Boy, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Kodak Black as well as Migos. Subsequent releases and singles such as “Outta My Way” and Trap Talk finally led to a coveted record deal with Interscope Records in 2017. 2018 saw Rich the Kid finally capturing the whole stage with his first full studio album, The World is Yours, with his second featured the single “Plug Walk” reaching number thirteen on the Billboard Hot 100.


Lady Luscious (Antonette Willis)

Rich the Kid’s relationship with his first wife Lady Luscious (real name Antonette Willis) has been nothing short of a constant storm. Married back in 2013, Rich and Antonette’s relationship lasted three tumultuous years filled with Rich’s alleged affairs ultimately ending in a messy divorce in 2016. Subsequent years have seen allegations of abuse and theft hurled between the two which, at one point, culminated in Rich strangely even denying that he knew Antonette in a video despite the publication of their marriage certificate and divorce papers.

During their time together, Rich and Antonette had two children, King Willis (taking his mother’s last name) and Queen Roger (taking her father’s last name). Although the fighting between the two parents remains vitriolic in public, social media posts from Rich indicate that he still gets to see King and Queen on a regular basis.

Tori Brixx (Tori Hughes)

Rich the Kid began dating Tori shortly after the start of his divorce proceedings in 2016. While it’s unclear if their relationship began while Rich was still married to Antonette, Rich’s history of affairs suggests that the true start date of his and Tori’s romance was earlier than the couple presents. After several years of dating, Rich proposed to Tori Brixx the day after Christmas 2019. However, the two haven’t officially announced a wedding, so it isn’t publicly known if the couple is legally married yet.

In April 2019, the couple announced the birth of their first son together, Dimitri Roger. In a radio interview in the months leading up to his son’s birth, Rich revealed that he was planning on naming the baby after himself: “My name is Dimitri, I think I might name him the same thing, Dimitri the Second.”


King Willis & Queen Roger

Rich’s oldest son, King Willis (currently age five), was born in 2015 to his then-wife Antonette Willis. A year later in 2016, a month after the couple split, Antonette gave birth to their second child together, their daughter Queen Roger (currently age four). Neither parent has publicly stated the reason for having their children take the opposite last names rather than the same name. 

Antonette currently maintains a low social media profile, so not much is publicly known about the current everyday lives of King and Queen. Additionally, Rich hasn’t posted about either child in over a year on social media. In a since-deleted Instagram post from 2019, Rich and his son Willis were seen running through LAX to get to Tori’s hospital as she went into labor with his new son Dimitri. Both children live with their mother Antonette in Atlanta while Rich remains in LA which might explain their absence from his social media.

Dimitri Roger

Born April 12, 2019, Dimitri Roger (currently age one) is Rich the Kid’s youngest son and his first child with Tori Brixx. While King and Queen don’t seem to feature prominently in Rich’s life currently, Dimitri has center stage. In a more recent post of Dimitri from January 2021, Migos’ Offset commented “Nephew,” implying that even Rich’s oldest friends have a presence in the kid’s life. Dimitri currently lives with Rich and Tori in LA. 

Rich and Tori post regular updates about the everyday life of Dimitry on his own Instagram account @RichtheBaby. 

Abuse Allegations and Troubles

Rich the Kid’s previous relationship with Antonette Willis has received even more scrutiny in the past few years as she has gone public with allegations of relational abuse ranging from domestic violence and forced abortions. According to court documents filed by Willis, Rich became violent with her on multiple occasions in the form of physical blows and verbal abuse. Additionally, Willis alleged that Rich had forced her to have abortions on three separate occasions because he didn’t want any more kids. While all subsequent court proceedings on these allegations have remained out of the public eye, the continuing absence of King and Queen in Rich’s life might be a result of his treatment of their mother over the years.

Right before he proposed to Tori Brixx in 2019, Rich the Kid was seen on Instagram Live pushing Tori around and shouting expletives at her after she had asked him to turn down the volume on his music. Rich’s stream horrified viewers who then called for Tori to break up with the rapper. The following day, Rich issued a public apology to Tori on his Instagram claiming that he must have been “drunk or high” during his outburst. A marriage proposal followed a week later.


While Rich the Kid’s past actions have left his relationship with his first two kids King and Queen in question, he seems to be embracing fatherhood with his third child Dimitri. Although he has had a storm of relationships with different women over the years, he appears to genuinely value his relationship with his current partner Tori Brixx. Hopefully, the rapper will be able to reconcile his past with Antonette and begin featuring his other two children in his public life once more.

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