How Much Jewelry Does Cardi B Own?

In the rap music industry today, one of the most common flexes is jewelry. From million-dollar watches to solid gold diamond-encrusted necklaces, rappers and their jewelry go hand in hand. Not only has jewelry become a personal flex in the rap world, with rappers flashing expensive gems on social media, red carpet events, and music videos, but it’s also one of the most commonly referenced money items in rap music currently. 

This trend of flashy, expensive jewelry is not owned by any rapper in particular. However, some artists have managed to build such a valuable collection of jewelry pieces that it’s hard not to pay them attention and give them credit where credit is due. 

Cardi B is one of these artists. On top of being one of the most popular artists in the genre right now, Cardi B has amassed a collection of jewelry that would even make jewelry store owners jealous. We’ll take a deeper look at what it is that makes Cardi B’s collection not just so interesting but also so valuable.  

It Cost How Much?

It’s no secret that Cardi B is a rap and hip-hop icon. However, her jewelry collection is almost as iconic as she is. With some pieces in her collection valued at over a million dollars, Cardi B has grown a jewelry collection that puts other celebrities’ collections to shame.

One of the highlights of her collection is a stunning 45-carat diamond ring with a heart-shaped diamond. This ring was given to Cardi B as a gift for her 27th birthday from her husband, Offset of the Migos

The 45-carat diamond ring reportedly costs over one million dollars. On top of having a ring worth more than the majority of American homes, Cardi B has also started working on growing her daughter’s jewelry collection from a very young age. 

Reportedly, Cardi B dropped just shy of $200,000 dollars on her daughter’s collection before Kulture had even turned one year of age. This collection includes a $100,000 dollar diamond necklace with a large pendant that shows four characters from a children’s TV show, surrounded by gems. 

The collection includes over $80,000 in diamond tennis bracelets and matching earrings, as well. As Cardi B has spared no expense on not just her own collection, as well as her daughter’s jewelry, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t end there. 

The Collection Continues

As if it isn’t enough to own million-dollar jewelry and have a $200,000 collection for your daughter before she’s even a year old, the collection doesn’t stop there. Offset had to make sure to get only the finest jewelry for Cardi B when he popped the question.

Imagine the look on Cardi B’s face when the engagement ring was an 8-carat, $500,000 double halo ring with a white gold band. With a ring as beautiful as that, it’s hard to imagine what other jewelry Cardi B could collect that would top what she already owns.

But of course, It’s not hard for Cardi! A picture was posted to Cardi B’s Instagram, showing off a diamond necklace with a large diamond pendant that holds a picture of Cardi B’s child. 

Following that picture, Cardi posted a picture of her one-year-old daughter, dressed up with over 100 carats of diamond and gold chains. One this is clear, and it is that Cardi B wants to make sure her daughter is just as iced out as her. Offset has also invested quite a lot of money into Cardi B’s collection. 

Watches on Watches

Obviously, not every piece of her collection is public knowledge. However, many of the big-ticket items she has worn in public have been hyper analyzed and documented, so we can have a pretty good idea. 

In one picture, Cardi B can be seen with a gorgeous 41mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore in 18k white gold set with VS1 baguette-cut diamonds. This stunning watch is valued at over one $100,000. 

This isn’t Cardi B’s only expensive timepiece, however. In the music video for Finesse, Cardi B is seen sporting a beautiful Rolex Day Date President 18038. This immaculate 18k gold watch is valued at $16,000.

These are just a small collection of the timepieces that Cardi B owns. However, certain details on a portion of her watch collection, such as the customizations made to them and their overall value, have not been disclosed. That said, her watch collection alone is approximately valued at over $500,000, and in all honesty, that’s a modest estimate.

The Collection As A Whole

From a half-million-dollar engagement ring from Offset, as well as a birthday gift from Offset that was valued at over a million dollars, Cardi B’s collection of rings is worth a huge amount.

But it’s not just Cardi B’s collection of valuable rings that makes the collection so stunning. On top of all her gold bands, Cardi B owns an immaculate watch collection. With watches ranging from Rolex to Audemars, Cardi B’s wrists alone can crush valuations of over $500,000. 

Not to mention, Cardi B has invested large amounts of money into Kulture’s collection, her infant child. With large diamond pendants of Kulture’s favorite kids’ TV show, tennis bracelets ranging up to $80,000, with matching earrings to boot. Add in gold and diamond chains that total out to over 100 carats, and, needless to say, Kulture has all the access to high-end jewelry needed to be completely iced out.

In Conclusion

Cardi B has an incredible collection of jewelry at her disposal. One of the most incredible things about her collection is that we don’t know the full value of it all. Even after looking at over 2 million dollars worth of her jewelry collection, we’ve only scratched the surface of what the entire collection is actually really worth. 

While we can estimate that the collection as a whole is worth over 4 million dollars, these are not exact numbers. Certain conditions can change the worth of some pieces, such as whether or not gems were factory set or set by a jeweler, so the number might be even higher. 

Whether or not we know the full value of Cardi B’s jewelry collection, we know it’s worth a lot and full of original and classic pieces. 

It’s obvious that Cardi B has a jewelry collection that would put other celebrity collections to shame, from fellow rappers to star athletes. The sheer value of it alone makes it something to truly behold. For any hard-core jewelry fans and fellow collectors, looking at Cardi B’s collection should be a source of inspiration and awe.  


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