How Old is Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown, shortened in the music industry to Chris Brown, was born in Tappahannock, Virginia to Joyce Hawkins, a former daycare director and Clinton Brown, a corrections officer. When you consider the fact that Chris Brown’s very first self-titled studio album was released 15 years ago in 2005, you start to realize that either time has been flying really fast or maybe Chris Brown is older than you think he is.   How old is Chris Brown? He was born May 5, 1989, making Chris Brown currently 31-years-old. What is interesting about Chris Brown being 31 is that for one, you remember that he was only a teenager, barely old enough to drive when he first came sliding across the stage with ease during his first concerts. In fact, he was only 15 when he signed his name across his Jive Records recording contract.  With Chris Brown being 31 years of age, that also makes him younger than many of the other young R&B and Hip Hop artists whose first albums came out years after Chris’. Who else is older than Chris Brown but didn’t releasing albums professional until after Chris? The list includes Drake, Anderson .Paak, Jhené Aiko, Miguel, Ty Dolla $ign, and K. Michelle.  Chris Brown has crammed at lot of talent, creation, and living into his 31 years. But the life lessons that he has learned from have come from both negative and positive experiences. What have been the career highlights that Chris Brown has endured?

Albums by Chris Brown

At this moment, Chris Brown’s astonishing musical output consists of, 208 guest appearances on other people’s songs, 56 singles, 19 promotional singles, 10 mixtapes, 1 collaborative album with Tyga, 1 EP, and these 9 studio albums:
  • Chris Brown (2005)
  • Exclusive (2007)
  • Graffiti (2009)
  • F.A.M.E. (2011)
  • Fortune (2012)
  • X (2014)
  • Royalty (2015)
  • Heartbreak on a Full Moon (2017)
  • Indigo (2019)

Award-Winning Artist

Chris Brown hasn’t just been dancing, acting, singing and songwriting, he has actually been receiving a ton of awards for his 15 years of melodic and rhythmic output. When it comes to music industry awards, Chris Brown has amassed a staggering 359 award nominations and 112 wins that have so far come from: 
  • American Music Awards – 4 wins
  • BET Awards – 15 wins
  • BET Pre-Awards – 1 win
  • BET Hip Hop Awards – 3 wins
  • Billboard Music Awards – 4 wins
  • Mid-Year Music Awards – 1 win
  • BMI Awards – 9 wins 
  • BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards – 26 wins
  • BMI London Awards – 7 wins
  • Grammy Awards – 1 win
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards – 1 win
  • International Dance Music Awards – 1 win 
  • Kora Awards – 1 win
  • MOBO Awards – 2 wins 
  • MTV Video Music Awards – 3 wins
  • MTV Australia Awards – 1 win
  • TRL Awards – 1 win
  • NAACP Image Awards – 2 wins
  • Nickelodeon Kid’s Choices Awards – 1 win
  • Nickelodeon UK Kid’s Choices Awards – 1 win
  • Ozone Awards – 1 win
  • People’s Choice Awards – 2 wins
  • Soul Train Music Awards – 9 wins
  • Teen Choice Awards – 7 wins
  • Urban Music Awards – 6 wins
  • World Music Awards – 1 win

Chris Brown’s Timeline of Hard Times:

Thing’s haven’t always been glamour ang glitz for Chris Brown. These are a few of the difficult dilemmas here has lived through in his lifetime: February 8, 2009  Before the Grammy Awards occurred, Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend Rihanna inside a rented Lamborghini in Hollywood street, leaving her badly beaten.   May 27, 2009 – Chris Brown gets sued by a photographer who claimed Brown’s bodyguards roughed him up outside a fitness center when he took a picture of Chris.   June 14, 2012 – Chris Brown and rapper star Drake are involved in an altercation at the New York City club W.i.P.  January 2013 The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tells CNN that authorities are investigating allegations that Brown punched an unnamed victim, presumably Frank Ocean, outside a recording studio over a parking spot in West Hollywood. August 9, 2013 Brown suffers a non-epileptic seizure that his doctor attributes to “intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress.” October 27, 2013 – Brown and his bodyguard are arrested and charged with felony assault for an alleged altercation outside the W Hotel in Washington, DC.  March 14, 2014 – He was forced to leave rehab and was taken into custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies.  May 9, 2014 – Brown admits to probation violation and is sentenced to one year in jail.  September 2, 2014 Brown pleads guilty to simple assault from the October 2013 altercation in Washington, DC. He is sentenced to time served, no probation and a fine of $150.  May 6, 2015 – He has his Agoura Hills home broken into by a female fan while he is away. The 21-year-old intruder is charged with burglary, vandalism and stalking.  July 15, 2015 Gunmen reportedly take cash and valuables from Chris Brown’s Tarzana residence while his aunt is there, and she is allegedly forced into a closet by the suspects.  December 2015 A Chris Brown tour of Australia and New Zealand is canceled after immigration officials refuse to grant him a work visa. July 5, 2018 Chris Brown is arrested on a felony battery charge after he had a concert in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tampa police spokesperson Stephen Hegarty says that the felony battery charge was connected to an April 2017 incident in a Tampa club where Brown is said to have allegedly punched a man all because he photographed Chris Brown without permission. January 22, 2019 Brown finds himself arrested in Paris on allegations of aggravated rape and drug violations. Chris Brown is later released and the Paris prosecutor’s office states he is not facing charges at this time. In Chris Brown’s 31 years of time on Planet Earth, he has had enough sky-high ups and detrimental downs to make for an incredible biographical movie one day. But when you look at how young Chris Brown is in age currently; you realise he really is just getting started in his career with all the potential he has. He just happens to have an amazing 15 years of a head start on his competition.     


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