Is Bruno Mars Gay

Bruno Mars has been around pumping out hit songs for almost a decade. So, it should come as no surprise that people are interested in his personal life considering he is so high profile. Bruno Mars has been coy about his personal life and that is understandable. He is a huge star and everyone knows exactly who he is, so he probably wants to keep that information to himself. One area of interest the tabloids have been interested in is his sexuality.

Elvis Impersonations and Motown

What got Mars started with performing was his time impersonating Elvis Presley. He was so good at impersonating the late singer that he used many of the techniques he learned later on stage. After his sister showed his demo tape to Mike Lynn who worked for Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, he was soon flown out to meet with Lynn. Lynn liked Mars so much he convinced the singer that he should move to Los Angeles to pursue music and that is exactly what he did. Mars, the epitome of rags to riches changed his life forever with that decision. Shortly after he moved to Los Angeles, he signed with Motown Records however, that deal didn’t particularly work out for Mars. Stating that the deal went nowhere, he was left with the option of finding new management. Eventually, he landed a publishing deal with Westside Independent. Later on, Mars landed a deal with Atlantic Records. Mars started out professional serving as a guest vocalist on a few of B.o.B. and Travie McCoy’s singles. And in July of 2010, Mars released his first commercial single, “Just the Way You Are” which immediately began to chart. It even hit number one in the Canadian and the United States charts. The song spent 20 weeks at number one in the adult contemporary charts in the United States. That same year, Mars released many more songs and began touring.


Mars had his first run-in with the law in mid-September of 2010 where he was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine. The singer was not only remorseful but took full responsibility for the incident saying that was his first time being around drugs. He pleaded guilty to felony drug possession. He was told that due to his pleading guilty, he was given the chance to wipe his record clean if he decided to stay clean and out of trouble for a year. The singer paid a fine of $2,000 and did 200 hours of community service. Eventually, the singer laughed at the incident in his interview with the magazine years later stating that he was young and irresponsible partying in Vegas. He also stated that he was intoxicated and didn’t know where the drugs came from because it was unlike him to do cocaine.

Sexuality Rumors

In 2012, the news publication, CNN made a report that Mars came out as gay after he allegedly did an interview with WENN. Not knowing that this was a rumor, the news source published the rumor as factual which spread like wildfire across social media. Eventually, the rumor got back to the singer and he and his team decided to contact the news source to squash rumors. Mars stated that he didn’t even know that the story was released on April Fool’s Day. He was so disturbed by the rumor that he got his team to contact CNN to take down the report.

Dating History

Mars has been in a relationship with model Jessica Caban for quite some time. But before he met the model, he had a slew of different romantic partners. He dated backup dancer Chanel Mavar from 2009 to 2011.  Considering he was dating someone else at the time, the dancer dumped him so he could pursue that relationship. It was rumored that he dated the singer/songwriter Rita Ora for a time while she was working with him.  Considering the musician is always surrounded by his fair share of beautiful women, it would be hard for anyone else to say no to beautiful women on a regular basis. But Mars learned his lesson from his previous relationships. Mars met his future girlfriend in 2011 and shortly after the two began dating. Mars spotted the mode Jessica Caban  at a restaurant in New York and began talking to her. The two have been together ever since. She even moved from New York to Los Angeles to pursue a relationship with Mars. Their low-key romance is something the two normally keep private. But he has spoken about his love at length in many of his songs. 

Famous in Her Own Right

Caban is much more than the girlfriend of Bruno Mars considering she is successful all on her own. Born and raised in Spanish Harlem and the Bronx, Caban grew up wanting to be a lawyer and a director. While she was attending a community college, Jennifer Lopez handpicked out Caban tor represent her clothing line J.LO. She didn’t win a spot but says she had the time of her life partying with Lopez and the five other finalists she was competing with.  Her time spent with Jennifer Lopez was the inspiration she needed to pursue modeling and began appearing in music videos and runway shows. Back in 2008, Caban auditioned for a part on the show Model Latina.  There she was admired for being well spoken, intelligent, and ambitious enough to have her own clothing line. Caban is also an aspiring actress appearing on Are You For Great Sex, where she was praised for her role. From 2016 to 2018, she had a role in the hit show Jane the Virgin appearing in many episodes.  Both Caban and Mars love each other very much, however, the two are still not married. Despite what many believe about marriage it isn’t necessarily a defining factor of any long-term, committed relationship. Instead, it is a decision that both parties should both agree on. Considering the two have been together for quite some time, many adoring fans are waiting for Mars to pop the big question. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine when pressed about possible upcoming nuptials with the model, Mars said, “”Jesus! She’s my best friend. My rock. What’s wrong with that? We’re just happy.”  Caban and Mars aren’t engaged but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t in it for the long haul. With the pressures of fame and grueling tour schedules, it could take some time for the two to tie the knot. Regardless of what people believe about marriage the fact that these two can grow and excel side by side in an environment that is often toxic to many different artists is basically unheard of. Considering the singer’s past with women and even being privy to a cheating scandal, he certainly seems to love Caban and their lifestyle seems to work for them.  Bruno Mars is a highly talented star whose star won’t fade away anytime soon. Although he was privy to some salacious rumors and a drug arrest, it seems as if the musical icon has grown up. Instead of focusing on the rumors and his love life maybe we should pay attention to why he makes headlines in the first place- his music.  Sources:


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