Is Ed Sheeran Married?

Is Ed Sheeran Married?

By golddev: July 31, 2020

When a singer-songwriter is as big as Ed Sheeran, the assumption is that a committed relationship would be the last thing on this young man's mind that he would make time for. Well, if we believed that, then we would be quite wrong. I guess that is what we get for jumping to conclusions. Ed Sheeran is not just in a serious love connection right now; he is actually married. But, for a time following his December 2017 engagement, he' wouldn’t admit it, simply stating to Access Hollywood: "I never do anything too public."  Now that the cat is out the bag that the British singer has a wife, who is she, and what is their life like together.

Who Is Mrs. Sheeran?

Aside from Cherry Seaborn being Ed Sheeran’s wife, she is many things, such as a part-time pro hockey player who earned a degree in molecular biology at Duke University in North Carolina, where she played hockey as a forward. According to, Cherry's works as a senior consultant in risk advisory at the Deloitte and Touche accounting firm. While playing for Duke University, Cherry Seaborn led her team to a runner-up finish in the Investec English Women's Hockey League for two seasons in a row. Sheeran was even seen cheering for his life partner from the sidelines at her hockey training in December 2019. Cherry is definitely not someone new in Sheeran’s life. They were already connected before the fame came at Thomas Mills High School in Suffolk, Framlingham, England, to be exact. But they actually legit got together in 2015" after reportedly reconnecting at a fourth of July party that Sheeran practically confirms in his verses that are on the song "End Game" by Taylor Swift.  Ed Sheeran explains to People how they got reconnected for the first time after many years while Ed Sheeran was thinking about his childhood friend while attending a Fourth of July party at pop star Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion. Ed has known his wife Cherry since he was 11-years-old. She was eventually working on Wall Street, and Ed Sheeran had a series of six shows in New York City, and he reached out to her, but she was in Rhode Island for a July 4th part.   Fast forward from that July to that September, and you have Ed Sheeran and his childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn chilling out together with Taylor Swift and the celeb that she was dating at the time – Calvin Harris.

Keeping Their Personal Life Private

They've mostly kept their relationship and marriage out of the public eye. There aren’t a whole lot of opportunities for voyeurism available when it comes to the relationship between Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn. Cherry hasn’t spoken publicly about their relationship, and Ed didn’t make that known that he was a married man; it got to the point of too many fans asking.   It wasn't until a July 2019 interview with The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God that their marriage was confirmed. On the new song "Remember the Name" from his new album, No.6 Collaborations Project that also features 50 Cent and Eminem, Ed raps, “Watch how the lyrics in this song might get twisted/My wife wears red but looks better without the lipstick.” The cat was out of the bag. For further details, The Sun would later report that Ed and Cherry exchanged wedding rings in a secret ceremony not too long before Christmas and New Years in the year of 2018 at his Suffolk estate with the blissful bond being witnessed by an inner circle of intimately close family and friends. The Brit Award-winning singer managed to enjoy his relationship with his now-wife Cherry Seaborn before it became the front-page news of all the media presses around the world. This is clearly important for both of them, giving them the chance to be two people in love instead of just another news story.

Vacation from Social Media?

Ed Sheeran has taken social media breaks before, but his first major one came in December 2015 when he and Seaborn were rekindling things, stating on his Instagram page where he talked about the previous five years of his life had been incredible, but he was ready to pay more closer attention to the real world outside of the digital reinterpretation of life online. He was ready to travel for the sake of traveling and pay closer attention to things that he only has had time to breeze past in a hurry.

Marriage as a Muse

Marriage doesn’t just play a physical and emotional role in Ed Sheeran’s life, his wife Cherry Seaborn is also a muse for Sheeran's love songs, not just the reason for the break he took from music for a moment. During his Breakfast Club radio interview, he spoke about the No.6 Collaborations Project track "Best Part of Me.” Charlamagne Tha God, the co-host of the show, asked Ed Sheeran whether or not it is healthy to think about the greatest part of yourself based on another person. Ed discusses how he would wake up on a daily basis and have Cherry Seaborn by his side and wonder why she chose to be with him, and how astonished he was that even when he is transparent about things he feels are wrong with him she still stays around for the ride.  If you are in search of some actual lyrics that Sheeran’s wife inspired, take a listen to his song "Perfect." The lyrics. "We were just kids when we fell in love / Not knowing what it was / I will not give you up this time" refers to the starting point of their relationship and the line, "Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song" is derived from when they traveled to Ibiza together.  The Cherry Seaborn moments don’t end there. There is also a reference to Ed’s lawfully wedded wife in his collaboration with Justin Bieber, "I Don't Care," and she pops up in the music video for Ed Sheeran’s "Put It All On Me'' that features Ella Mai. Not only is Ed Sheeran married to Cherry Seaborn, but it appears that he is happily married, which doesn't always happen, especially when at least one of the partners is a world famous individual that problem can't walk a full block without getting recognized on the street and harassed for autographs and pictures.  But in the case of Ed Sheeran, it would seem that having a woman in his life that has known him longer than his legions of fans have has to be a soothing feeling when those bouts of doubt crop up into one's head about whether a spouse married them for the money.  The comfort that comes with having a loyal partner that can lift you up when you are overwhelmed cares about you when you are coming apart at the seams and straining to keep it all together for the both of you, and loves you unconditionally, no matter how hot your records are at the moment. When it comes to the marriage of Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn, I guess the moral of the story is don't lose track of those childhood friends because you never know who they will become in the future.

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