Is Ozuna Gay?

Ozuna is probably one of the most notable Latin singers in the game, especially since his breakout 2017 album Odesia and his equally successful follow-up album, Aura in 2018.  The Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer has also had a wild go at speculations that he may be gay, especially after a controversial sex tape was leaked of him with a deceased Latin trap singer. But, we’ll get to that bit later. In addition to being 2019’s most-watched artist on YouTube, Ozuna has also won numerous accolades and awards. This includes a Guinness World Record for having the most-watched videos on YouTube receive over one billion views as of February 2019. He has also received the following records as well:
  • Most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart (male) – This award was given to him for his album Odisea, which was on the charts for 46 non-consecutive weeks for one whole year, September 2017 to 2018. 
  • Most Billboard Latin Music Award wins for a single artist in a single year – As of April 2019, Ozuma has 11 Billboard Latin Music award wins. 
  • Most Billboard Latin Music Award nominations for a single artist in a single year – As of February 2019, Ozuna currently has 23 Billboard Latin Music Award nominations within the year 2019 alone.
Ozuna is definitely an established artist already, both in the Spanish-speaking parts of the world, English-speakers as well as internationally. He has experienced controversies in his life and one, in particular, includes rumors about his sexuality. 

Who is Ozuna?

Ozuna was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 13th, 1992. His father is Dominican and his mother is Puerto Rico, so he definitely has a lot of Latin cultural influences because of this, which is evident in his music.  Growing up, Ozuna was heavily induced by the bachata and salsa genres, which he said heavily influenced his own sound. He also has stated that reggaeton, hip-hop, and R&B were big influences as well, especially artists such as Daddy Yankee, Usher, and Jay-Z Ozuna has stated numerous times in interviews that he grew up poor and was mostly raised by his grandmother. This was due to his father, a reggaeton dancer, being shot and killed when Ozuna was just three-years-old. Because of his father’s death, this left his single mother to struggle financially all throughout Ozuna’s childhood.  Because Ozuna was raised by his Christian grandmother, he was instilled to always work for what he wanted and that everything he worked for would also come with a sacrifice. This definitely bled into his worth ethic as he is certainly one of the hardest working performers in the Latin music industry. By 2012, Ozuna would start debuting his music under his former stage name, J Oz, but would eventually change it back to his name when he started getting famous. By 2014, he was signed on with a record label and started publishing his songs on YouTube. His breakout hit would happen with his single “Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere”, which catapulted him to stardom in the Latin music community.  This led to years of success on the Latin music charts and his YouTube views. Ozuna would then make his way to fame in the US when he was featured on tracks by Cardi B, DJ Snake, and Selena Gomez, specifically on the track “Taki Taki”, which reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video currently has over one billion views on YouTube. 

Love Life

In 2012, Ozuna started dating Taina Marie Meléndez, who is a Puerto Rican business mogul. Ozuna and his #girlboss girlfriend were later engaged and then married in 2020, after almost eight years together. During that time they were dating, they had two kids together; Juan Andrés Ozuna Meléndez and Sofía Ozuna Meléndez.  The couple has proven their longevity as they have been together since before Ozuna was famous, so they are definitely in it to win it. But, what about before Ozuna started dating Taina? Some say Ozuna was in a gay relationship before he and Taina were together. And even worse, he was apparently underage. Remember that sex tape we talked about earlier? Well, we’ve got details about that video that will certainly shock you.

The Sex Tape Scandal

In January 2019, Ozuna had gone public by saying that he was part of an extortion scam where the late Kevin Fret, an openly-gay Latin trap star, was going to release a video filmed of Ozuna as a minor engaging in gay sex that Fret had allegedly obtain from a network of pornographers in the adult film industry.  Ozuna tried to keep the video under wraps and even paid off Fret with $50,000.00 before he decided enough was enough and went to the FBI. During the investigation, the video was leaked, which then caused everyone to speculate that Ozuna was gay. Ozuna apologized profusely to his friends and family for any damages the supposedly heavily-edited video may have caused. That same month, the extortionist Kevin Fret was shot and killed while riding his motorcycle in Puerto Rico. Many believe that Ozuna organized this murder due to the leaked sex tape but the FBI have publicly stated that Ozuna has been ruled out as a suspect in the ongoing investigation for Fret’s murder. However, Fret’s mother feels differently and has gone on record stating that she believes Ozuna has something to do with her son’s murder. As of right now, no other suspects have been released.  Apparently, Ozuna was being extorted as early as 2017, when Ozuna and his team went to the Miami Police Department to report the incident. Fret had been telling Ozuna he would go public with the sex tape if he didn’t keep paying him for a while at this point. However, nothing was done about it until Fret decided to go public with it before his death in January 2019. 

Is Ozuna Gay?

Because of the leaked sex tape featuring an underage Ozuna engaging in gay sex, it definitely makes it a compelling case to say that he is in fact gay. Ozuna has never openly admitted to being gay, though, and is married to a woman, leading a seemingly heterosexual lifestyle.  According to Kevin Fret’s mother in her allegations that Ozuna had murdered or was involved in planning the murders himself, he apparently had an ongoing sexual relationship with Kevin Fret. For how long and when this occurred, it seems only Fret and Ozuna would know. To add even more to the drama, supposedly the reason why Fret was going to release the sex tape is because he had asked Ozuna if he could be featured in one of his tracks. Supposedly Ozuna did not agree to these conditions and asked that Fret send him the link so he could try and erase it from the internet.  According to rumors, Fret was not the only person he had their hands on the video and others were threatening to release it too. So, is Ozuna gay? That is a hard question to answer as Ozuna has never publicly said he is and no one else has come forward to state that they had a gay relationship with him. So, it still remains unclear for now. Until then, we can only speculate until Ozuna or someone else comes forward with new and juicy gossip.  Do you have any gossip on Ozuna and whether he is gay or not? We would love to hear it! Comment below and tell us your thoughts.  Sources: 

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