Is Post Malone Gay?

Speculating about the orientation of our media stars is one of the favorite pastimes of plenty of Americans… at least when there’s evidence that there might be a little more to the story than meets the eye. Post Malone is a young and successful hip-hop or “blended genre” artist with Billboard-topping hits like Sunflower, Congratulations, and Psycho. But perhaps because he is so young and hasn’t had as much time in the limelight as other artists, there’s been speculation from some wondering, is Post Malone gay?

Post Malone’s Romantic History

Despite being one of Rap’s hottest names according to RapTV, Post doesn’t seem to be a very big ladies’ man, at least compared to other famous artists. In fact, Post’s most noteworthy romantic entanglement was with Ashlen Diaz. Having been born in the same year as Post himself (1995, the exact), she and Post originally got together in 2015, which was also the year in which Post’s career suddenly exploded into success and popularity.

2015 was the year when he wrote “White Iverson,” the single that would catapult him into rockstar-level success. Ashlen was either just starting a career or had already started as a music promoter; this is likely what drew the two together and allowed them to meet.

The two dated for three years all the way until 2018, when they finally separated. This indicates that the relationship was at least somewhat serious on both ends, although relationships that occur between people so young don’t always (or even usually) last forever.

Additionally, there aren’t tons of details about why the two broke up or whether there was a lot of bad blood afterward. Admirably, Post has seemed to keep many aspects of her personal life private.

All this is to say that Post is likely not gay given his prior romantic history with a young, attractive woman. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s fully not into men, mind you. It just means that he’s not into men alone.

Furthermore, Post has grown up in a culture that’s far more accepting of gay people than arguably any other culture in the west in the past (aside from Ancient Greece and the like, of course). This means that there’s far less pressure for him to theoretically remain in the closet or have a cover girlfriend if he was actually gay.

There are barriers to being gay in hip-hop and general media, of course. It would be nuts to suggest otherwise. But there’s no denying that, being so young and a rising star, that it’s a little less risky for Post to come forward than for someone else to come out at another time. 

Calls for Queer Eye

Oddly, Post was recently the subject of a rather blunt social media campaign that was trending. It called for him to go on the show “Queer Eye” so that he could get a lifestyle and grooming makeover.

If you’re not aware, this show is a Netflix production where five gay presenters visit men in need of a serious lifestyle makeover. They provide fabulous advice and redo a male target’s look, home décor, and cooking skills from the ground up in order to make him a more attractive and confident person. It’s a feel-good show, by and large, but the crowd calling for Post might have had something else in mind.

Whatever the original reason, the cast for Queer Eye was originally just as confused as Post himself. Karamo, one of the hosts of the show, Tweeted a question, asking, “why does everyone want @PostMalone to be on the show? Did he request it?”

Post himself replied in a Tweet, “no they just think I’m ugly and smell lol. Love the show tho guys, keep crushing it”.

There’s no real way to know where the campaign began or what the intentions of those who started it were. Perhaps they misunderstood the format of the show – not every male assisted by the so-called Fab Five is gay themselves – or perhaps they were making a joke in poor taste.

Homophobia and Hip Hop

Perhaps the draw toward understanding – and uncovering, as some people might think of it – Post Malone’s sexual orientation originates from a somewhat more insidious instinct. The hip-hop industry and broader rap culture have had serious issues in the past with LGBTQ acceptance, although this is far from unanimous. Plenty of people in the rap community are accepting of gay men…but plenty more are not.

For instance, iLoveMakonnen had to address explicit suspicion about his own sexuality as early as 2015. Despite actually being revealed as gay in 2017, the rapper said that it didn’t ultimately matter whether or not he was homosexual. That didn’t stop constant pressure from the media or other fans from pressing the issue and demanding to know the truth until it finally came out.

This demonstrates a kind of “halfway” acceptance of homosexuality within hip-hop culture. While fans and producers may ostensibly state that there are accepting of people however they are, it’s clear that the undue focus on whether or not someone is gay is indicative of a wider problem in terms of acceptance.

Post Malone’s Orientation – Does It Matter?

How does this all tie back to Post Malone?

At the moment, there’s very little evidence to suggest that the singer and songwriter, Post, is gay. But that’s not the real issue. The truth is that it doesn’t matter.

Ultimately, whether or not someone is gay has no bearing on their ability to be a successful hip-hop artist, beyond the barriers that may arise due to social constraints or bias from consumers. While it’s true that someone’s sexual orientation can impact the messaging or the inspiration for their music, it doesn’t affect whether or not that music will actually be good.

All this is to say that, while we don’t know definitively whether or not Post Malone is gay, straight, bisexual, or somewhere in between, it’s not necessarily a question that should get too much more attention. As other hip-hop artists have already pointed out, when someone is ready to come out to the world or otherwise announce a big change to their fans, they will.


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