Is Post Malone Jewish?

There’s been a lot of speculation as to the religion, orientation, and other personal details of rapper Post Malone, one of the hottest new hip hop stars in the industry. All this buzz never goes away precisely because Post is remarkably private with most of it, or he acts otherwise uncommitted. He’s done a good job so far of keeping many of the finer details of his personal life out of the limelight.

Lots of people wonder whether Post is Jewish or of similar ancestry. Let’s dig a little deeper into this question and a few others at the same time.

Post’s Upbringing and Ancestry

As almost everyone knows, you can only truly be Jewish if you have the ancestry to prove it. In lots of cases, the families of famous Jewish people have familial lines that they can trace back through the centuries. These are often accompanied by books, family heirlooms, or the like.

For Post Malone, it doesn’t seem like a Jewish ancestry is in the cards. He was born in Syracuse, New York to his father, Rich, and his mother, Nicole. Neither of the two has any record of Jewish ancestry. More importantly, Post himself has never described his upbringing as particularly religious to any extent, aside from the basic Christian foundations many white kids get as children.

Granted, Post did grow up both in New York and in Grapevine, Texas. Both areas have predominately Christian populations, particularly Grapevine. So it’s more likely that Post was exposed to general Christian thoughts and ambient faith than any other spirituality. At any rate, Post Malone has never described himself as Jewish or expressed any Jewish beliefs.

Political Views

As an adult, Post’s general lack of religious interest has only continued. In most cases, Post focuses more on political ideals and beliefs instead of religious ones, seeming to be ultimately uninterested in spirituality. In fact, he once called Justin Bieber’s recent focus on Christianity as, “really culty”, which doesn’t exactly demonstrate that he’s particularly keen on picking up a religious faith of his own.

Instead, Post more often speaks about the political struggles that the United States is currently embroiled in. Furthermore, Post is known to be interested in conspiracy theories, citing a lack of faith in the government as one of his biggest and most serious ideas. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Post is also very supportive of the Second Amendment and has a large collection of his own firearms.

Jewish Spirit Entanglements

The rumors about Post’s Jewish ancestry – or apparent lack thereof – seem to be triggered from a 2018 encounter with what some have called a “Jewish spirit”. Let us explain.

According to the story, Post visited the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas in June 2018. He was accompanied by Zak Bagans, the owner of the museum and the host of “Ghost Adventures”, a popular American television show. During the visit, Post evidently had a relatively close encounter with something called a “Dybbuk box”.

If you aren’t aware, a “Dybbuk” is a Yiddish term for a malicious spirit or a ghostlike presence. More specifically, it’s a spirit that has to have once belonged to a dead person and usually has some unfinished business on earth before it can dissipate. Indeed, in many Jewish stories, a Dybbuk only really goes away after the person who disturbed it helped it accomplish one or more goals.

Back to Post! The two were apparently drinking during their late-night foray into the Haunted Museum. At some point, Bagans – who really ought to know better if he’s the host of a ghost-related show! – drunkenly removed the protective case of the Dybbuk box on display.  

Bagans reportedly touched the box while Post touched Bagan’s shoulder, creating a contact loop that then triggered a curse… at least according to the story.

So what supposedly happened to drive all the speculation? Throughout 2018, Post Malone had a sudden run of bad luck. He almost crashed his private jet. Then he got into a car accident with his Rolls-Royce in SoCal. Although he wasn’t hurt, the car was completely lost and he had to replace it. Then his home in the San Fernando Valley was robbed by burglars! All this happened within the span of a few months.

Post would later remark via Twitter that, “God must hate me lol”. 

Granted, we don’t really put stock in curses, and it’s unlikely that Post Malone does, too, given his lack of official religious affiliation. Still, it’s a series of odd coincidences, to be sure.

Does Being Jewish Affect Hip Hop Artists?

At this point, it’s tough to say whether being Jewish would affect an artist’s chances of success or the popularity of their music. There haven’t been very many mainstream Jewish hip-hop artists in recent years, as most extremely popular hip-hop music is created from other cultures and ideas. Although RapTV says that hip-hop samples and blends various genres together, Jewish people haven’t made the same kind of mark on this type of music the way that other minority communities have, like the African-American, Jamaican, or Puerto Rican communities. 

Still, there is a subsection of hip-hop strongly identified by its roots in Jewish culture and incorporating many musical instruments from Jewish tradition. The Beastie Boys, for instance, on one of the most well-known Jewish hip-hop groups. So it’s unreasonable to say that there isn’t any room in this multicultural musical field for Jewish folks.

The more the merrier! 

The Final Word on Post’s Religion

So, is Post Malone Jewish? Not by any extent that we could find, paranormal encounters with supposing Jewish ghosts notwithstanding. Besides, there’s no evidence to suggest that the ghost in question would only affect a Jewish person… if you believe the ghost to be real in the first place, that is!

At any rate, Post’s own religious views and identity will likely remain as hidden, as with most of the elements of his personal life and dating history. Until he decides to come out in the world with his religious beliefs, we’ll just have to speculate. Good thing it’s fun!


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