Is Post Malone Single?

The love life of New York native rapper and hip-hop rockstar Post Malone, more formally known by his real name Austin Richard Post, has been the subject of intense scrutiny and, at times, even a bit of debate! While it’s known that he had a long-term relationship with the music promoter Ashlen Diaz, he’s now reportedly back on the market. But what are the details about his supposed breakup with his long-term beau, and what about the rumors that he’s with someone else? Let’s dig a little deeper into all these stories.

Ashlen Diaz – Malone’s First Big Romance

Any Post Malone fan can tell you that his first major romance was with one of the earliest promoters of his music – Ashlen Diaz. She was from Houston but worked as a music promoter at a local Dallas nightclub where she helped Post get one of his first gigs so he could begin playing for an audience and earning a reputation. Interestingly, this was in 2015, but before Post signed his first deal with Republic Records, and before he made his award-winning single – White Iverson. Even before albulms Beerbongs & Bentley’s and Stoney and before Hollywood’s Bleeding, Congratulations, or any major music video’s he’s now known for. His relationship with girlfriend Ashlen Diaz came before all the fame which is different than what we’re use to seeing in Hollywood where these stars list Justin Bieber and Kanye West are always in the news about their romances. 

To clear the air, no the two weren’t high school sweethearts. According to singer and songwriter Posty, he had been following Ashlen even before she got him the gig at the nightclub, and it was only at that gig that he first admitted feelings and the two began to go out officially. So it seems that their relationship began before Post ever reached any real amount of notoriety: something of a rarity for pop culture star relationships.

The two initially had a bit of a bumpy ride, however. The first year was uneventful, but in 2016, after Post’s life had changed for all time, the two had a stretch where they weren’t officially broken up but weren’t exactly seeing each other, either. Still, they reportedly got back together during the same year, with the details spilling during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

Fast-forward to 2018, for a total three-year span of the relationship. Post, being traditionally private with the details of his romantic life and other personal stuff, never gave any indication that the relationship was in any kind of trouble. Nonetheless, Post and Diaz eventually ended up breaking up in 2018.

Again, details are scarce as to the nature of the breakup. Some people say that Diaz broke up with Post herself, while others claim that Post dumped her because he “wasn’t able to give her the focus she needed because of his music”.

Regardless, the star’s sudden singleness drove the fangirls wild for a little while… but not for long.

New Beau?

In 2018, evidently not very long after Post and his girlfriend had broken up, the hip-hop star was spotted by US Weekly on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a dark-haired mystery woman, the identity of whom was never confirmed. Snapshots of the two cuddling on the deck of the yacht revealed that Post had evidently taken up at least a short-term fling, with more evidence that it was a real relationship coming shortly after.

New photos of the pair at George Bush Intercontinental Airport soon surfaced. Internet sleuths quickly put together that it was both Post and the same mystery woman as the one on the boat. This, of course, led many to assume that he had begun a new engagement with at least some substance, instead of finding a short-term fling while on vacation.

However, those same “detectives” were unable to determine the identity of the woman, even to this date, about two years later. Furthermore, there isn’t any evidence that Post is still with the woman, as there haven’t been any other confirmed photos of the two together after the blurry shots that first began to turn the rumor mill once again.

General Trends

Post doesn’t tend to go through girlfriends all that fast. He stuck with Diaz for three years, arguably during the time of his life when a superstar is likely to be a bit loose with their inhibitions. To that end, it’s not terribly surprising that we haven’t gotten a bunch of tabloids detailing all of Post’s conquests. For a hip-hop star, he seems to keep to himself and doesn’t go out looking for a new date every other week.

This also means that, whenever Post does publicly settle down with another girlfriend, it’s likely to be a long-term thing. We might even see Post get married sometime in the near future, although he’s not particularly religious and might not be interested in binding himself that way. 

All told, it’s probably a good thing that Post doesn’t apparently sleep around. As RapTV says, sex, money, and power can all combine for bad results.

What About Now?

So, is Post Malone single again, or is he still in a secretive relationship with the original mystery woman from the yacht? It’s hard to say. Post has historically been pretty cagey with his personal life, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.

This all started when Twitter followers, acting the way such rabid fans often do, began to harass Post and request that he break up with his then girlfriend, Diaz. Post had a bit of a snappy response to such behavior, telling them to knock it off and “let us live our lives”. Although they eventually broke up for good, it’s clear that the intrusive nature of some aspects of fandom leaves a bad taste in the hip-hop star’s mouth.

So it’s no surprise that he hasn’t come forward with any relationship details, even if he isn’t single anymore or if he’s looking. It’s unlikely that Post will go out and announce a relationship because of the plethora of unwanted comments is likely to receive across all his social media channels.

Plus, there’s something to be said about those interested in Post. If they really want to date him, asking whether or not he’s single through social media channels isn’t likely to get a good result.

Is Post single? Who knows! But it’s probably true that, sooner or later, someone is going to snap another few photos of Post with another woman, or maybe even the same mystery woman from the yacht. So there’ll always be new fuel for speculation…


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