Is Taylor Swift Gay?

Taylor Swift recently released a new album entitled Folklore and it has a lot of people questioning her sexuality. There are a lot of lines in the songs that may suggest or hint at her potentially being gay. To get the whole picture, we have to look at the history of Taylor Swift, the lyrics of her songs, and all the rumors that have circulated about her over the past few years. 

Brief Overview of Swift’s Early Years 

Taylor was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1989. She became a famous country singer by the age of just 16, writing hits such as “Love Story”. She got a contract with Big Machine Records and started releasing albums. She became successful very quickly, and by 2012 she was reported to be the highest-paid celebrity under 30.  She has also been in a number of “controversies” over the years, the biggest of which being with Kayne West. During the 2009 VMAs, Kanye got on stage during Taylor’s acceptance speech and declared that Beyoncé deserved the award over Taylor. This feud has continued over the years with Kanye, even though Taylor has stated she would “very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” Years later after this incident, Taylor would make not so subtle references to Kayne and his “tilted stage” and even suggesting that he was a narcissist.  Taylor has also been in a number of high profile relationships with other famous male performers, some of which being Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, John Mayer. Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner. She has often been ridiculed for the number of relationships she has been in, with people labeling her as a “serial dater”. She has always been bothered by how her relationships were constantly critiqued by the public, even noting that if she were a man, she would be applauded for her “conquests.” (This is something she addresses in one of her songs off her album Lover, called “The Man”).

Taylor Swift Now 

In 2016, the media turned on Taylor Swift. People started calling her a snake because of a video released by Kim Kardashian. So in 2017, Taylor released an album entitled Reputation where she addressed all of the misrepresentations she has faced in the media over the years. She has disappeared for a year from the public because she thought that was what people wanted. She decided not to do any press for the album, saying, “there will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation.” She then released the album, Lover in 2019. This was a big change for Taylor’s style because she has most famously written albums about heartbreak. The reason for this change is because Taylor has fallen in love, and has decided to keep it very private from the public eye. Her current beau is named Joe Alwyn, and they have been together for over 3 years. He’s an English actor known for films such as The Favourite, Boy Erased, and Mary Queen of Scots. 

Taylor’s History with Dating Men 

Over the course of her life, Taylor has only ever publicly dated men. She has had some pretty public breakups, and a lot of people feel like they know details about her relationships, based on the way she writes her songs and puts lyrics in them that are so deeply personal. She has even publicly aired details about her relationships in interviews. In 2008, she told Ellen DeGeneres on national television that Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone in a 27-second conversation. Later on, she said that she regretted calling him out and that it was a petty teenage move. Taylor has been critiqued many times for “exploiting” the details of her relationships within her songs. 

Taylor Swift Speaking Up in Politics

 Up until a little while ago, everyone assumed that because Taylor had country roots, that she had pretty conservative values. But recently, Taylor has been more active with her views in politics, particularly with her very vocal support of the LGBTQ community. This was talked a lot about in her recent Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, which followed her journey about overcoming the idea that people want Hollywood actors/singers to stay out of politics. Taylor released a music video from the album Lover titled, “You Need to Calm Down” which featured a petition at the end of the video to support the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. She has said that she felt compelled to speak up about political issues recently because people are being stripped of their rights. But a lot of people have accused her of “queerbaiting” and jumping on the bandwagon because equality is “trending” right now. It is hard to imagine what it’s like for someone who cannot figure out what the people want from her. 

Lyrical Clues

Taylor Swift is known for using a number of callbacks and metaphors in her songs. Her most recent album is no different, and it has people wondering if she might be hiding something. But dropping some lyrics here and there about gay rights is nothing new for Taylor. In 2014, Taylor released her first official pop album, 1989. In the song “Welcome To New York”, she references “loving who you want, boys and boys and girls and girls.” Which people interpreted as a somewhat clunky way of her saying that love is love. This was years before she publicly stated any of her political views. There is a particularly interesting lyric from Folklore in the song “Invisible String”, that references “purple-pink skies” as well as “the blues”. There are many fans that are speculating that this could mean Taylor is bisexual because those are the colors of the bisexual pride flag.  Another song off the album, “Betty”, where Swift says lines such as, “I dreamt of you all summer long” had people yet again questioning whether her boyfriend was just a cover for a secret relationship. Although, given her support for the community, if she was gay, she most likely wouldn’t be ashamed to show it.  That being said, when Taylor released Folklore she did say that the songs would be from a number of different perspectives, hence the title which references passing down stories through word of mouth. Still, the song “Invisible String” has a lot of hints about Taylor’s own relationship. One of the lyrics is about working at a yogurt shop, and her boyfriend Joe, did an interview with a magazine stating he used to work at a frozen yogurt shop as a teenager. 

Taylor Addressing her Sexuality 

Since Taylor has recently decided to speak up about equality for the LGBTQ community, a lot of people thought she might come out as gay. But in an interview with Vogue, she talked about “not realizing I could advocate for a community I’m not a part of. It’s hard to know how to do that..” It seems as though she has confirmed for people that she is straight, and in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. This won’t stop people from speculating of course, as people love to fantasize about a world in which Taylor Swift is a gay icon.  Sources: 
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