Jaden Smith: Is He Gay?

Jaden Smith is a household name amongst pop culture conscious Gen Z-ers. The son of 90s celebrities Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden grew up in the limelight alongside his sister Willow Smith who is also a musician.The young man is 22 at the moment of this writing and he has already quite the resume. Jaden has already established himself as an out of the box thinker, an actor, a musical talent, and a socially aware entrepreneur. He has been in the spotlight since the age of 8 when he starred in a film alongside his father; he delivered a meaningful and emotionally devastating performance as his father’s son in The Pursuit of Happyness. He also famously starred in the remake of The Karate Kid alongside martial arts legend Jackie Chan. Since his career as a movie star, he went on to pursue other artistic endeavors. He began making music and has succeeded in doing so – performing at the world famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. During one performance he even performed atop a flying Tesla, suspended above the crowd in an ode to the Back to the Future films. He has also founded his own record label company, MSFT. And he has even begun a boxed water company whose profits are used to provide necessary resources to underprivileged communities throughout the world. His career is marked with atypicality at every turn. Many wonder if that unconventionality also appears in his romantic life. While performing at Coachella, Jaden Smith joked about a relationship with his friend and fellow musician Tyler the Creator. He did so on stage in front of thousands and the statement fueled speculation regarding the nature of their relationship. Tyler watched the performance from the front of the VIP section. After seeing him, Jaden proclaimed to the crowd. “I just want to say, Tyler the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f—— much. And I want to tell you guys something. I wanna tell you – Tyler doesn’t want to say – but Tyler’s my motherf—— boyfriend!” He laughed and continued, “And he’s been my motherf—— boyfriend my entire life.”  The announcement caused a flurry of media coverage and reckless speculation. Many failed to realize that Smith laughed when he made the remark – and that it came while Smith was filling time while festival organizers relayed instructions from fire officials. Smith continued with the tongue-in-cheek humor, adding, “Tyler the Creator is my f—— boyfriend! It’s true! You take anything away from this f—— show, that’s what you need to take away.” Tyler is on video as he responds with a wag of his finger and the shaking of his head. The behavior seems like more of Tyler and Jaden playing with social expectations than it does a confession of love and affection. In a tweet following the performance, Jaden wrote, “Yup … I Told Everyone You Can’t Deny It Now.” Tyler replied, “hahaha you a crazy n—- man.” The tweets have since been deleted. In a piece for Fantastic Man, Tyler answered a call from Jaden. The two are undeniably friends. Before hanging up, Tyler slips in a wildly vulgar, “send d— pics.” After hanging up, Tyler tells the reporter, “I always tell people to send d— pics when I hang up, because it’s so awkward. Like, what the f— did you say?” This behavior, again, seems consistent with Tyler’s obscene and shocking sense of humor. Jaden seems to have mastered Tyler’s publicity tactic. He plays with social norms in a way that has people questioning what they think, wondering, “Is he serious?” During the 2020 Grammys,, Tyler won the Best Rap Album for Igor. The album deals with the concept of love complicated by the existence of a girlfriend.  Congratulating him, Jaden took to Twitter and again fueled speculators, saying,My boyfriend just won a Grammy”. Tyler, in contrast, has been rather upfront about his sexuality in recent times. “I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO… AND NO ON CARED HAHAHHAHAHA”, he tweeted half a decade ago. In an interview, Tyler said, “My friends are so used to me being gay. They don’t even care.” In Tyler’s album Flower Boy, Tyler came out as gay or bisexual. He outright states, “I been kissing white boys since 2004.” At the time, listening to that line felt like another tongue-in-cheek subversion of expectations. But then he continued on “Garden Shed” with a heartfelt confession. The song states, “Garden shed for the garçons. Them feelings I was guarding heavy on my mind…Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase. Thought it’d be like the phrase: “poof”, gone. But, it’s still going on.” The confession confused many as Tyler had built up quite the reputation as a homophobe for the use of derogatory language. His debut album Goblin contains the insult, “f—–” over two hundred times.  But, now people believe, it was a means of hiding an identity and camouflaging in a way. It was a means of shocking the listener, as early Odd Future was prone to do. It seems, too, that Jaden has adopted this sort of shock value tactic. He recognizes the meaninglessness and the pettiness of perception regarding an artist’s sexuality. And he embraces it by imposing his narrative to trigger those that would feel discomfort. Jaden has spoken publicly on the issue of subverting gender related expectations. He said in an interview, “I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms. I feel like people don’t really get it. I just see scared people and comfortable people.” It seems likely that Tyler the Creator is gay or bisexual due to the content of his lyrics, though the public will likely never know for sure until and if Tyler publicly clarifies. Similarly, it is unclear whether Jaden is gay or bisexual. But, it is almost a certainty that the two are not an item. No matter what, Jaden has always openly courted questions regarding his gender fluidity.  He donned skirts in public from high end brands like Louis Vuitton in a way that was pioneering. He famously wore a White Batman costume to Kanye West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian. Jaden exists in a world of his own, defying social norms and expressing himself in unconventional ways.

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