What Is Miley Cyrus Net Worth?

Although Miley Cyrus is only 27 years old, at this point, she’s a bonafide showbiz veteran with TV shows, movies, and a number of hit albums under her belt. Miley’s first two acting credits included small a small part on one of her Dad’s TV shows as well as a part in the movie Big Fish. But those were just stepping stones that did not result in much income. According to RapTV, Miley’s first big paycheck came when she landed a starring role on a hit Disney-channel-based TV show called Hannah Montana and then later The Last Song and the going on to become a Billboard and MTV hit music charts successor.

Yes, the Tennessee native, Miley came from a showbiz family (her Dad is country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and she is close with the legendary Dolly Parton), but young Cyrus was far from a shoo-in for the role of Hannah Montana. On the contrary, many of the show’s executives initially thought Miley was too young and too small. But, in her audition, the girl impressed them. She could sing, dance, and was incredibly charismatic. 

Miley ended up getting the part, and the cash came rolling in. It hasn’t stopped since, as today, Miley Cyrus’s celebrity net worth is estimated at somewhere around 200 million dollars.

The Disney Days

Disney Studios is a dream job for many up and coming actors. If you get Disney’s seal of approval, it can lead to countless other gigs and jobs that can sustain a lifetime’s worth of work. This is exactly what happened with Miley Cyrus. While the initial contract earned her a relatively small paycheck of only about $15,000 per episode, the albums she created following the show skyrocketed her net worth into the tens of millions.

Many people don’t realize that most musicians these days make the majority of there money from touring. Album sales help, but touring is where the big money is. While the same is true of Miley Cyrus’s career, there is something about kid and or preteen focused albums that help them sell better than those meant for adults. The result is that Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, sold about $10 million albums, showing Cyrus was a legitimate earner. 

Many young, especially female child stars, have to go through an awkward phase. The public sees them one way and is resistant to accept any type of change. Just look at Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, or the countless other stars who got hit with criticism after criticism simply for wanting to break out of their “innocent” shells and start acting like grown women. From a corporate perspective, it makes sense why a company like Disney would want to discourage its talent from “growing up.” Disney sees itself as a family-focused company, and it wants to project a certain image. Any movements against that image are believed to negatively impact the brand. That is why, when Miley Cyrus used the Hannah Montana name, she was under such strict guidelines. You can’t simply act or do whatever you want while being a character that is owned by Disney. 

Aside from corporations, the general public has long been prudish about musicians. Every older generation seems to repeat the same mistake. They complain that “music nowadays” is so vulgar, bad, inappropriate, and the like. And yet, they fail to realize that they are making identical complaints to the ones their parents lobbed their way when they were trying to enjoy NWA, or Led Zeppelin, or The Beatles, or even Elvis. 

You would think people would learn. But no, history repeats itself, and the same thing happened to Miley Cyrus when she made a “shockingly” bold 2013 VMA performance. She danced on stages suggestively with Robin Thicke in a nude bikini and basically blew up the internet. During this “breakout” period, Miley made several comments about the pressure that women face in the entertainment industry to conform to certain standards and appearances and not to be individuals or unique. The comments were met with wide applause from Miley’s fellow female celebrities.

Every soccer Mom and creepy uncle seemed to have an opinion on the performance. But the results were clear. Hannah Montana was gone, long live Miley Cyrus!

Beyond Hannah Montana

The Hollywood pop star, Miley Cyrus became a solo artist and released her first album under her own name and then started touring on her “Best of Both Worlds Tour.” Following the tour, Miley had a lead role in a film called Bolt, which did very well and is said to have earned her a large paycheck. Then her career really took off with the songs Can’t Be Tamed and Party in the U.S.A., which became a Summer anthem. Miley followed the song up with a deeper track called The Climb and launched her “Wonder World” tour, which was a tremendous commercial success, bringing in over 60 million. While only a percentage of that amount goes to Miley directly, it is estimated the figure she received easily may have exceeded ten or even 15 million depending on production costs and other expenses. 


In 2010, with Hannah Montana far in the rearview mirror, Miley Cyrus was a genuine solo pop artist. But again, she began making efforts to reinvent herself into being something more than just another short-lived pop artist whose career fails as soon as she becomes “too old” to be hot. As such, Miley grew as an artist and a musician while maintaining her commercial appeal with her next album, titled “Bangerz” and then the bangerz tour.

On the Bangerz album, Miley had such hits as “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop.” Sales for the album topped off at around 4-million, but Miley brought in over 60-million during her tour. 


While nothing has topped the popularity of “Party in the U.S.A.” Miley has grown and adapted to the times. Although she is still in her 20s, it’s easy to imagine Miley having as long of a career as she wants, assuming she can continue producing good music. Her song Malibu is a good example of what Miley can produce even after going through difficult times.

The song Malibu, which came out in 2017, is believed to be about Miley’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The song shows that even through heartbreak Miley is first and foremost an artist. An artist’s express themselves using their art. A good way to determine if an artist is going to have longevity or just fade into the background is whether or not they can turn their struggles into the raw materials on which they build their careers. Miley seems able to do just this with Malibu as well as a number of songs since. 

The Voice

The Voice is a popular American music show where contestants perform and are judged by “blind” celebrities who merely listen to the music but do not turn to face the contestants. If the judges like what they hear, they push a button, and their chair spins around. Each judge is able to vote for or against each singer based solely on their “voice.”

Miley Cyrus became a judge on The Voice in 2016 and, as expected, has been highly successful on the show. She is reported to earn about 13-million per season for appearing as a judge. While some people see such actions as joining a TV show as a judge to be anathema to artistic expression, the music business has largely changed. Gone are the days when things like “The Gong Show” were seen only as jokes or curiosities. Starting with a show like “American Idol,” the American public has become accustomed to showing winners going on to become the “real deal” in the music industry. Highly successful musicians like Kelly Clarkson and others have left American Idol, and other TV-based talent shows to become major successes. And who judges these kinds of shows has changed as well. Gone are the days that only has-beens and nobodies rendered judgments on the eager young talent. Today, more and more shows are recruiting top, relevant talent, including people like Miley Cyrus, to get involved in the process.

Although Miley received some backlash from the decision to join the cast of “The Voice,” it wasn’t anything she wasn’t already used to as there are few examples of a young musician receiving more criticism than the amount heaped on her following her notorious VMA performance. Besides, criticism or no criticism, who wouldn’t want a 13 million dollar a year paycheck?


There you have it, Miley Cyrus’s net worth hovers somewhere around 200 million dollars. This amount is based mostly on money Miley has made from touring as a solo artist. But a large chunk of it also comes from album sales as well as the money she made during her time as Hannah Montana. Keep in mind that, even if Miley’s true next worth is less than 200 million, estimates of net worth also take into consideration potential future earnings. They, therefore, ask whether or not the person in question has a high or low future earning potential. In the case of Miley Cyrus, the answer, certainly, is that she has an incredibly high future earning potential.


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