What Gang is NBA YoungBoy In?

Throughout his career, NBA YoungBoy has gotten caught up in some illegal activities. He grew up hard and fast in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and always seems to be pushing life as much as he can in hopes he can bypass death a little longer and continue to experience life the way he wants. But is NBA YoungBoy in a gang? And if so, what gang is he in? In short, NBA YoungBoy is possibly in a gang. The sources are unsure, the history of activity is confusing, and most of the allegations are just that—allegations. The one thing we do know is that there is evidence that suggests he is a member of the Bloods, and he may have even gone so far as to start his own Bloods set called 4KT.

4KT: A Possible Set of the Bloods

4KT is shorthand for “For K Trey.” While there isn’t definitive proof, it is believed that 4KT is a set, or subgroup, of the Bloods gang. NBA YoungBoy currently lives in Los Angeles which is the founding city for the Bloods. Different sets within the Bloods usually have different group cultures and may even alter the colors they fly but ultimately still answer to the larger group.

Is NBA YoungBoy a Bloods Gang Member?

Possibly. While it’s highly speculated that he is even a gang member at all, he may be a part of the Bloods through the set he allegedly leads in LA called 4KT. There isn’t necessarily one way to rise up in the loosely-structured ranks of the Bloods nationally. Really, the sets are the parts of Bloods that are more structured and hierarchical. One can supposedly rise in ranks within a set when they assert their authority by proving themselves. This can include structuring criminal activity like assassinations or beatings or illicit drug trades. In the past, NBA YoungBoy has been involved in a few criminal upsets. He was almost charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder in Louisiana. After Keondrae Ricks was taken out in 2016, someone did a drive-by shooting in an attempt to take the lives of NBA YoungBoy and his crew. So, his crew fired back. Unfortunately, YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s girlfriend at the time was shot in the neck and so was a bystander in their 40s. The bystander died. Although he took a plea deal and got out of jail on bond, YoungBoy says he always felt really guilty and bad about the life lost on that day. There is also a video of YoungBoy assaulting his girlfriend in a hotel in Waycross, Georgia. The two fled the scene before anyone could arrive. A little later, YoungBoy was on his way to perform in Tallahassee, Florida when his tour bus was pulled over. He was charged with assault, kidnapping, and weapons charges. In the end, the point is that to capture and gain power to start your own set in LA, you need some street cred. And, if that’s what NBA YoungBoy was looking to gain, he did.

NBA YoungBoy’s Alleged Gang Activity

For the first-degree murder accusations, YoungBoy and his crew at the time supposedly were together and shot back at the drive-by shooters. So he may have began to create a posse at that time before he was a huge star. At the beginning of his rise to fame, NBA YoungBoy and fellow Baton Rouge rapper Scotty Cain exchanged insults and beef through their multitudes of mixtapes. Throughout this time, while there were even threats of death and violence, nothing ever materialized out of the musical rivalry. But, in August of 2020, Scotty Cain was attacked while being caught lacking at the recording studio. A video of the attack was posted on Instagram. From multiple sources, it seems that no one can really confirm or deny the attack by the video due to its lack of detail. There is also confusion surrounding whether or not the attackers were actually deployed by NBA YoungBoy. Both artists got trash and praise on Twitter from the incident. People accused NBA YoungBoy of being weak for not going himself; others say he didn’t actually have anything to do with the incident. Scotty Cain was criticized for not standing up for himself. He supposedly lost 20 teeth during the incident.

Gang Mentions in NBA YoungBoy’s Lyrics

YoungBoy’s song Gang Shit appeared on AI YoungBoy 2, his mixtape that was released in October 2019. Besides becoming a number one album on the Billboard 200, the album talked some about gang activity.   Here are some lyrics from Gang Shit:   Ayy, free D-Dawg Ayy, 4KTrey Bitch ass nigga, ayy, ain’t nobody, ain’t nobody safe Northside 38, we put guns to the face, who gon’ die today?   Gang shit, blow your brain, bitch, who you playin’ with? Pistols get to sparkin’, do no talkin’, get your mans hit Them gunners go to tweakin’, pop your top, that be that kill switch That shit you talkin’ phony, run up on me, you get killed, bitch Uh, uh, bangin’ 4KTrey, oh, she a slime bitch? Plus she got some tricks that’s up her sleeve that blow your mind, shit When it come to me, she never scared, she bust that fire quick Hold on, bitch, I really been that, I ain’t tryin’   Taliban, I get a bitch to make ’em buy the iron He got them, nothin’ but convicted felons off of my end Dive in, I promise after that you gon’ get shot then Green flags in matte black Range Rovers and green FN’s I ain’t them dudes, bitch, you gon’ pop who? Oh, you should try then Bitch, I be that nigga cock it back and go to firin’ I’m bustin’, no discussion, after that, you hear them sirens Came in buckin’, that shit turnt us up, then people end up dying Feelin’ good, I got drugs in my body Lookin’ for me, come and see me in the back ’cause I ain’t hidin’ Cut up, don’t try to stop me, bitch, I see you watchin’ Make my shooter kill a nigga, then whack the bitch who drivin’   As you can see, he mentions several incidents about gang activity. YoungBoy also throws rhymes about 4KTrey which is another name for his supposed set of the Bloods gang 4KT. There’s also mention of possible gang colors and shootings also. 4KTrey shows up in many songs by YoungBoy including the hit from AI YoungBoy 2 called Slime Mentality. The line goes, “I’m in here, ay, 4K Trey, free D-Dawg, nigga.” So, his lyrics may shed some insight into whether or not he is in a gang. 

NBA YoungBoy May Be in a Gang Set

At the end of the day, NBA YoungBoy may be in a gang. Due to the secretive nature of gangs in general, it is hard to get any actual proof of gang involvement without physical evidence. He has been accused of crimes and has been caught on camera assaulting his girlfriend. Either way, YoungBoy Never Broke Again is dominating the rap music industry and will continue to spit out lyrics as he continues his career.   SOURCES: https://upnewsinfo.com/2020/08/17/rapper-scotty-cain-loses-20-teeth-in-gang-beating-connected-to-nba-youngboy/ https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=4KT https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/08/17/scotty-cain-allegedly-jumped-in-his-recording-studio-fans-think-rapper-has-responded-on-instagram/


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