What Gang Is Polo G In?

In the 1990’s rapper, Snoop Dogg rose to fame and it was revealed that he was even part of a gang. Snoop Dogg wasn’t the first rapper to join a gang and he certainly won’t be the last.  Today rap is more popular than ever and there is still the chance that young rappers have gang affiliations as well, Polo G is no exception. The publication NME refers to Polo G as one of the most exciting names in rap currently and someone that you need to watch.   

Polo G’s Background 

  Polo G was born Taurus Tremani Bartlett on January 6, 1999, in the Old Town area of Chicago. Unlike many rappers you hear about that came from single-parent households Bartlett was raised by both of his parents. But he, unfortunately, grew up impoverished in a housing development known as Marshall Field Garden. The house was very small considering Bartlett shared it with not only his parents but his two brothers and sister.   

Humble Beginnings

  The young aspiring rapper not only experienced humble beginnings but she witnessed what it feels like to be economically disadvantaged in a housing product of Chicago. Because he was impoverished, he had to find ways to make ends meet and did what a lot of people do when they are in dire straits and that was selling drugs. Unfortunately, he had a few brushes with the law in the process. Spending two months in jail for possession, the young rapper decided that he was going to pursue music full time and was more inspired than ever.    After getting out of jail Bartlett released his song “Finer Things” that was completely written while he was in jail.  Before he released his song “Finer Things” he was known in his community for not being as focused. Jail seemed to level him out and the single gained a lot of traction. The song was catchy, commercial and, and built for a larger audience to appreciate. Shortly after the song’s release he was scooped up by Columbia records and was given his very first record deal.   

First taste of success

  His first commercial single release “Pop Out” was a collaboration with his labelmates Lil Tjay that landed him at Number 11 on the Billboard chart. To date, that song has peaked the highest in his short career that is just now taking off. There is always a chance for Bartlett to release a hit that will land him at number 1 because he certainly has a lot of talent.    Considering Barlett released his debut album to so much success, it could be hard for most rappers to follow up with something just as good. Even though many artists do tend to release a great first album and lose the energy that made that album stand out. That certainly hasn’t been the case for Bartlett. In February of 2020, he released “Go Stupid” that was a complete hit immediately after its release. The song featured Stunna 4 Vegas and Memphis NLE Choppa and the hit was used as a viral meme on Tik Tok.    Bartlett released his second album THE GOAT in 2020 as well. The full-length album featured Lil Baby and the late Juice WRLD. His song “Wishing For a Hero” really showcases the young rapper’s talent. In the song, he discusses the effects of police brutality and inequality young black men face every day just living their daily lives. 

Gang Affiliation

  Despite his success, the young rapper has been associated with a life of crime and has had a hard time staying out of jail. For example, he has stated multiple times that like Snoop Dogg and his idol, Tupac, he too also has a gang affiliation. It has been reported that the rapper is part of the Sedville gang. This gang happens to be based out of Chicago and also consists of an array of different affiliations which include the Mickey Cobras and the Conservative Vice Lords.  It has been reported that he was arrested five or six times throughout his short life.   

What makes him different

  Barlett tends to stand out amongst his peers for not only being raised in a two-parent household and being a very prolific rapper. He told Rolling Out Magazine, “We have a different story to tell. As Black men from impoverished areas, we all experience the same struggles. Growing up in Chicago, it’s more extreme. We live a fast-paced life at a young age and go through a lot. What makes me different is my way of thinking. I plan on being the biggest thing in hip-hop one day.”   Bartlett had a child with his long-time girlfriend Crystal Blease. The two had their son Tremani Legend Barlett on July 6, 2019. The rapper landed himself in the hospital in August of 2019 after a drug overdose. He posted an Instagram photo of himself in the hospital describing the incident in the caption, “I gat a Lil too lit last night & woke up Inna Emergency Room almost lost my Life…Ma Pops made sure I was straight & back on my square On Gucci ion take that For Granted love dat man to death.” In the photo, you can see the rapper’s legal name on his intake band and it also shows his IV he was using at the time. Under the photo, he got a lot of well-wishes from his colleagues.    Bartlett describes his music as something that is meant to move his fans and make them think.  He said, “I would describe my music as powerful and heartfelt. Everything I say in my songs comes from how I’m feeling or reflecting on things that happened in the past.”    While a large majority of the population is noticing young rappers like Bartlett, it can be hard to get the message across to an older audience. Despite how hard it is to hit the mainstream, someone as young and promising as Bartlett should be around for quite some time making headway in the rap scene. His music not only moves people but it provides them with a lens into a different world if they grew up well off.    It has been a long road in retrospect for the young artist, but he has never given up following his dreams. Although it is hard to drop out of school and depend solely on yourself and take the risk to do something like pursue rap, it also takes a lot of courage to do so. When asked what he would tell someone if they wanted to follow their dreams the rapper said, “Never give up no matter who believes in you or supports you. Believe in yourself and focus on your dream. Show those who doubted you that you can do all the things they said you couldn’t”    Considering all the parallels to Tupac and the fact that the young rapper even sampled one of the late star’s big hits, one could only ask the question if he is going to be the next Tupac.  Bartlett certainly lets people into his world with a level of compassion, empathy, and understanding where he comes from much like Tupac. He has reigned in any kinks and is sounds polished in everything that he does. Whatever the rapper will release next certainly will probably top the charts and solidify the young rapper’s place in the scene.    SOURCES: https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/polo-g-tupac-2pac-wishing-for-a-hero-the-goat-2673418 http://www.hipwiki.com/Polo+G https://rollingout.com/2018/12/25/chicago-rapper-polo-g-explains-why-he-is-different/  


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