What Type of Fashion Does Kanye West Wear?

Kanye West is a fashion and music icon. He is best known for his rap music with popular songs such as “Monster,” “Power,” “Famous,” and “Gold Digger.” However, on top of his musical hits, he has become very big in the fashion world, working with brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Nike, and, of course, his own brand Yeezy. 

Kanye has a very particular style of his own that is appreciated by many of his fans. Kanye has changed what style is and has been a large influence on the fashion of the decade. So, what type of fashion does Kanye West Wear? And how can you try to create some of his iconic looks?


When you think of Kanye West, one of the first things that come to mind is streetwear. Streetwear is a casual look that pulls influence from skate, surf, hip-hop, haute couture, and graffiti fashion. Kanye is always sporting T-shirts, sneakers, cargo pants, sweatsuits, and more. The clothing is often oversized, which accentuates the casual look that streetwear is trying to evoke. 

Even though it can sometimes look like the outfit was just thrown on after waking up, Kanye always manages to make his outfits seem cooler than yours. 


Sneakers are a Kanye staple. If he’s not wearing the occasional boot or Birkenstock, he is most likely wearing sneakers. He even wears sneakers to major events on the red carpet. 

His most frequently-worn pair is, of course, Yeezys. He seems to have them in almost every color and mixes and matches them so that they always match his outfits. The Yeezy 500 High, Yeezy Boost 350 V2s, and Yeezy Boost 750s are just some of his favorite styles that he likes to sport with his outfits.  

Monochromatic Looks

In the past few years, Kanye has really been into monochromatic looks for everything from his fashion shows, personal outfits, and interior design. He often has matching sets like the all velour tracksuit he wore to the 2015 Grammys. Even on more casual days, you can see him in a matching outfit such as an all-white t-shirt with solid white pants. 

His monochrome looks have really caught on at his Sunday service, where everyone in the choir and even some guests wear a monochrome outfit matching the color of the event. 


Sweatsuits are a Kanye fashion staple. He often wears sweatpants and sweatshirts together; however, you can also see them being worn as separates and matched with other pieces as well. 

As for tops, he wears a combination of crew neck and hooded sweatshirts in a variety of brands and colors. Yeezy is very focused on outfits that fit in the sweatsuit category, so a majority of these outfits come from his own line. Tan, black, and grey are some of the most common color track suits that he wears. 

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is an iconic piece for Kanye. He has been wearing them over the decades and continues to make them fashionable and unique. His bombers have been dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion. 

One of his most iconic bombers is the MA-1 Yeezus tour jacket.  This jacket was personally made for his tour and was a limited edition and supply. This bomber influenced the rest of the fashion industry and brought the bomber jacket back to the runway. 

Chain Necklace

Kanye almost always has a gold chain around his neck. This is a very popular fashion statement in rap and hip hop, so maybe that is where he gets his influence from. Kanye switches it up regularly with his chains. He sometimes layers with multiple and even varies the length and thickness of the chain. 

In 2017, Kanye wanted to spread his love of the gold chain by partnering with the jeweler Jacob Arabo. Together, they sold gold chains and pendants inspired by 14th-century Florentine art. His appreciation of the gold chain is timeless and will probably be around for a long time to come. 

Trench Coat

Trench coats are very understated in color, yet bold in style, and Kanye has paired the trench coat with many outfits. They have been in the style of a parka, more sleek and modern, fur, puffed, and more. At only the height of five feet and eight inches, it is a bold style move to wear a long coat that goes down to mid-calf.  The oversized nature of the trench coat just accentuates his hip-hop and streetwear-influenced aesthetic. 


Kanye has found a way to make workwear both fashion-forward and functional. With brands like Carhart, Kanye has put the average workman’s clothes into his wardrobe. He even wears work boots with thick soles, high rise, and thick leather or canvas materials. He has even incorporated materials like leather and corduroy to embellish the aesthetic. 

Since he has been spending more time at his home in Montana, these clothes can also be used as more functional pieces in a more rural setting. Either way, Kanye has managed to make workwear look fly. 


While Kanye does throw in a pop of color every once in a while, recently, he has been very into a neutral color scheme. Navy, black, brown, grey, cream, white, and pastels are the colors that are most often seen in Kanye’s wardrobe. These colors go with almost anything and can be easily mixed and matched. 

Another arguable neutral that he wears is denim. Denim pants are one of his most common choices in bottoms and is paired with jackets, tops, and sweaters.  


2020 was a big year for leather with Kanye. At the Academy Awards, Kanye wore a leather wrap blazer and track pants made by Dunhill. This look was minimalistic yet very unique. Its double-breasted silhouette was show-stopping, especially in the ink-black color. 

Coordinating With Others

Kanye’s style not only influences what he is wearing at the moment but also extends to those around him. Kanye appreciates aesthetics, so when he gets the chance to coordinate with others, he does. 

He has frequently styled his wife Kim Kardashian for events where they match their outfits to create a unified look. Even at the Yeezy fashion shows, the entire Kardashian family wore the same color so that they all matched the look and feel of the show. Not to mention, the Sunday service shows another example of how Kanye spreads his fashion to those around him to make an even greater impact. 


Kanye has been serving looks for decades, but recently he has really been stepping up his fashion. Streetwear, monochromatic looks, workwear, and more have made Kanye’s fashion journey interesting and intriguing. He is definitely one to watch in the fashion world, and it is exciting to see what he has in store next. 


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