Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Rap Posts

Social media changed human interaction FOREVER, especially in the hip-hop realm. Artists can collab with each other, connect with fans, and build massive audiences like never before – all from the comfort of their phones. It’s like a global loudspeaker for superstar personalities! While Twitter and Facebook do an okay job, Instagram is above and beyond the best social media site to follow your favorite artists. It’s all about telling stories with big, bold imagery and concise, high-impact captions. It’s as if the platform was designed SPECIFICALLY for Hip-Hop! In the world of Insta, LIKES ARE KING. So who is the true royalty of the Instagram Hip Hop Kingdom? Let’s go down the list of the Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Rap Posts and find out!

10. Wopsters Ascend in Boston, May 4, 2019 (1 Million Likes)

The most popular Insta posts usually relate to a big reveal or product drop from rap royalty. In this case, Gucci Mane is photographed rising, both physically and metaphorically, to the top of his game as he showcases Wopster’s Closet, his own personal online boutique fashion shop. Pictured with his wife Keisha Ka’oir on an elevator in Boston, Gucci is rocking a pristine preppy sweater and a pendant around his neck big enough to slip a disc. The gallery goes on to show the Wopsters enjoying courtside seats at the Celtics game, as Gucci flashes a huge smile for the jumbotron. Gucci Mane has been on a gigantic win streak since he was released from prison in 2016, and this post captures his rise from rock bottom to the top of the world once again.

9. Roddy Ricch Live in London, March 12, 2019 (1.2 Million Likes)

Some artists use Instagram more sparingly, releasing only a handful of posts to keep fans on their toes. Compton rapper Roddy Ricch employs this strategy perfectly, and it’s no surprise that all his posts have big like-counts. Instagram economics is about supply and demand! This mega-post from Roddy shows a legendary moment from a recent concert in London, where the 21-year-old star decided to let the audience rap verse from his hit “Die Young.” Roddy looks hyped up as he conducts the crowd like a classical maestro, and nobody misses a beat. First, he conquered California, then the whole United States. Now Roddy is a superstar overseas, and he only just reached adulthood! What’s next, Mars?

8. Eminem Celebrates Dre’s Birthday, February 18, 2020 (2 Million Likes)

Long-time hip hop fans know the crucial importance of Dr. Dre in bringing Eminem into the limelight. The NWA producer was already basking in success and needed a new rapper for his roster. Marshall Mathers was the perfect fit, showing tons of potential at the ’97 Rap Olympics. Before long, the duo was pumping out one hit after another, with platinum albums dropping every few years. Eminem is forever grateful to the good doctor, and this Instagram post shows his appreciation. The GIF shows Marshall and Dre in superhero mode from the “Without Me” music video, rocking out on the way to save the world, definitely fitting for a very D.R.E. birthday!

7. Mac Miller Tribute Post, September 6, 2018 (2.8 Million Likes)

Tragedies happen way too often in the rap world, and the passing of Mac Miller back in 2018 was tough on fans all over the world. The rapper was only 26 when he died of an accidental drug overdose. This Instagram post captures Mac’s playful attitude, and the number of likes shows just how many people appreciated his contributions. This isn’t the only Mac tribute post, of course. Put them all together, and you have tens of millions of fans showing their support for the fallen hero. It may be a sad chapter in our list of the Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Rap Posts, but we must show love to a legend. Mac may be gone, but his music and love from the fans will live on forever.

6. Post Malone at the Zoo, June 19, 2019 (3 Million Likes)

Sometimes, artists just want to capture a goofy moment for the Gram. Not everything has to be so serious! Who better to do this than everyone’s favorite homeless-looking superstar, Post Malone. Back in 2019, the certified “Rockstar” posted a two-picture gallery that showcased his innocent wonder of the world. Post is pictured first with a cheetah, who seems less excited to be there than the rapper himself. Feeding a giraffe in the next picture, Post looks stoked out of his mind! It’s refreshing to see a bonafide superstar taking time away from private jets and champagne-sipping to enjoy the little things in life.

5. Cardi B’s Coronavirus Analysis, March 10, 2020 (5.5 Million Likes)

The Covid-19 pandemic put the whole world on pause back in early 2020. While most people were listening to public health experts and government officials, we at RapTV were much more interested in what Puerto Rican rapper Cardi B had to say about the outbreak. This Insta post turned out to be more viral than the disease itself, is seen by more than 35 Million people on her page alone. Her enthusiastic warning inspired the creation of many memes and hip hop tracks that made “Coronaviiiiirus” the most unlikely hit of the year so far. Cardi made everyone smile during a tough time, but let’s hope we don’t have to go through another global freakout any time soon.

4. Travis Scott Chills W/ Daughter, February 2, 2020 (6 Million Likes)

When the Astroworld star isn’t navigating his way through the stratosphere of rap stardom, he’s just relaxing with his family like everyone else. This Insta gallery from February shows Travis and his daughter kicking back without a care in the world. Very wholesome! “2 is better than 1,” writes Scott in the caption, part of a short poem that accompanied the pictures of napping, laughing, and horseback riding. This is definitely the most touching installment on our list of the Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Rap Posts. Fans love seeing a different side of their favorite rap stars, and this post is a masterpiece!

3. Drake’s Family Gallery, March 30, 2020 (6.6 Million Likes)

The Champagne Papi himself decided to post some family pics shortly after Travis Scott, this time showing a few different generations in one gallery. Drake is first pictured with his son Adonis Graham in a classy studio portrait, followed by an old-school shot of Drake’s parents from back in the day. The “Hotline Bling” megastar is then shown next to Sophie Brussaux, the mother of Adonis, with the young king being held in the middle. Brussaux, a former French model and renowned painter, has been in the spotlight at Drake’s muse for a few years now. To conclude the gallery, Adonis is the star of the show. His crazy curly locks and babyface inspired millions of people to smash the like button! We’re all eager to see how Adonis follows in the footsteps of his famous mother and father.

2. The Return of 6ix9ine, May 8, 2020 (6.9 Million Likes)

Is there a more controversial rapper in the game right now than Tekashi 6ix9ine? We don’t think so. It makes sense that he would be the target of both loves and hate on Instagram, especially now that he is a free man. 50 Million people have seen this “GOOBA” post, where Tekashi states, “I’M BACK!” No matter what you say about the 24-year-old rapper, the hype surrounding his name is unparalleled. Always surrounded by security and constantly under threat, 6ix9ine knows how to operate under pressure. He’s still making music, and recording videos like nothing ever happened. Nobody can say for sure when his next album is coming out, but the Trollz star sure knows how to troll millions of Internet fans with different teases and misdirects. At this point, being a Tekashi fan is almost like having a part-time job! Be sure to tune into for updates on 6ix9ine and never miss a beat.

1. XXXTentacion Tribute Post, May 19, 2018 (20.2 Million Likes)

We hate to end the list of the Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Rap Posts on a sad note, but the tribute to X has no peers when it comes to pure numbers. The emo rapper was on a rapid rise to stardom when his life was tragically cut short in a senseless act of violence back in 2018. “LOVE IS WAR” reads the short caption of this post, and the comments section shows nothing but love. Fans can search the web to find more tributes to X, who was pioneering new genre-bending varieties of hip hop music before his untimely death. Will we ever see an Instagram post get more attention than this one? At well over 20 million likes, this tribute is far and away from the biggest of all time. Rest in peace, X! To stay plugged into the Insta Rap world, be sure to bookmark RapTV and follow us on all the major social media platforms. It should go without saying: Don’t forget to hit the like button!


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