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​ball & stick

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Produced by Bill Wurtz

NARRATOR: Yes, I think you can see the significance of this. It’s gone. The ball is gone. Where did it go? CHORUS: It’s rolling down the lonely road. Wondering if there’s any place to go. NARRATOR: The castle. Go to the castle. [Interlude] CHORUS: Go into the castle. Let all my troubles float away. Gonna get hassled- OWL: Hey! You can’t go in this castle. BALL: I already did. OWL: You can’t. BALL: I already did. OWL: You cannot go into this castle. BALL: Where is the castle? OWL: Here. BALL: Am I already in it? OWL: No. Yes. Go to jail. CHORUS: I’m in jail now. And I’m mad at the jail. BALL: Ha! That was a fake jail. Made out of cardboard. I’m back. Don’t bounce me off the wall again, that was mostly violent. CHORUS: Violence. Don’t do it.


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Written By
Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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