​christmas video

​christmas video

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Produced by Bill Wurtz

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” plays in the background throughout the video. A spinning cartoon Christmas tree with the text “we wish you a merry christmas”, together with a couple dancing people beneath, is shown. Coloured text “and we hope that it’s good” is enlarged. Brand logos such as Target, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Barnes & Noble are shown with the encouragement “please buy lots of gifts from all of the stores”. Christmas-themed green wrapping paper are displayed and thrown in a garbage pail, with the text “and wrap them in paper, and then throw them away”. Lists out some gift ideas with respective photos associated with them, including ‘blanket’, ‘sweater’, ‘scarf’, ‘snowmobile’, ‘podium’, ‘plant’, ‘flower pot’, ‘skis’, ‘groupons’, ‘plastic’, ‘eggs’, ‘mountains’, ‘convertibles’, ‘sushi’ and lots of ‘grass’. Show cartoon depictions of a house and a family, with the text “stay home from work to be with your family”. Show stores who open 24 hours, including MacDonalds, Walgreens, Dunkin’ Donuts and Foxconn, with the text “but don’t worry, the people that work in 24 hour stores will still go to work”. “we wish you a merry christmas” text in different styles and sizes fills up the screen, then the text ‘and hopefully next christmas will be good too”.


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Written By
Traditional, Charlotte Yonge, Arthur Warrell, Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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