​hello sexy pants

​hello sexy pants LYRICS

​hello sexy pantslyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz
[Intro] Hello, hello, sexy pants Hello, hello, hello, sexy pants Where’d you get those pants? Where’d you get those pants? Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello I wanna know why it hurts so bad [Verse 1] Hello, sexy pants D’ya know that I like your pants? I’d like to take a walk with you Through the hills of France And it’s easy as one, two It’s a one, two dance You can make a wish come true In your one, two pants But down in Congress All the boys get mad (They get mad, they actually get pretty angry) [Verse 2] Hello, let’s be friends Take a friendly chance And go all around the world In a friendly stance Then go to Pyongyang And shake some hands [Bridge 1] Every day, it’s such a lovely day To wake up in the morning And everywhere, somebody lonely is still feeling blue At the clothing store, nobody tells you That the whole world is changing At the grocery store, someone will tell you That what changed is you [Verse 3] Hello, sexy lamp Oh, that’s a sexy lamp You can light the whole darn sky At 2 a.m Way down in Congress The lights go black [Bridge 2] Simon says “I can’t remember anything I’ve been doing Or anything I remember” I don’t care as long as we find out What we’re supposed to do [Outro] Hello, Simon Says Let me sign your checks


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Written By
Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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