​hi, i’m steve

​hi, i’m steve

​hi, i’m stevelyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz

STEVE: Hi, I’m Steve. I drive a car. It’s in a tree. Just kidding, my name’s not Steve. NOT STEVE: I’m filing for an extension for my taxes because I didn’t pay them and I’m not going to. CHORUS: ‘Cause that’s the way I like to live my life, and I feel like everything’s gonna be fine! (screen says the next day) NOT STEVE: I’m skipping work again. That’s because I don’t have a job. The mailman was late today, and she was actually a woman, and she said, MAILMAN: That’s the way I like to live my life, and I know that everything’s gonna be just fine. (screen shows the mountains) NOT STEVE: I don’t remember why I first saw the mountains, but they’ve always been here. Now that I’m seeing them, I’m wondering why they’re there. But they’re here. I can’t climb them. But I can. CHORUS: ‘Cause that’s the- PIGEON: Hey, here’s the mail: NOT STEVE: Dear Steve- That’s not my name, but whatever. LETTER: Dear Steve, How did you climb this mountain? NOT STEVE: Well, I’m glad you asked that! It’s part of a two-step program. Find the mountain, climb the thing. CHORUS: That’s the way we can get things done and that’s how I do it. It’s easy and simple ’cause you know what to do. (It starts to rain) (5-day forecast shows that it’s raining all day) STEVE: Bye, I’m Steve.


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Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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