​i’m Best Friends with my Own Front Door

​i’m Best Friends with my Own Front Door LYRICS

​i’m Best Friends with my Own Front Doorlyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz
[Verse 1] I’m best friends with my own front door I just closed it, but it’s opening more Then the cops came, and they sent me to jail But tomorrow I’m gonna open it again [Verse 2] I’m the postman, and I’ve got cool clothes I’m the neighbors, and I’m wearing cool shoes And I’m dreaming of a brand new world And I’m hoping that it comes real soon [Bridge 1] But I saw a sign I saw the sign It’s a bad, bad sign Said “It’s not gonna happen And it’s not what it seems You’re not gonna make it And it’s not meant to be” [Verse 3] But fuck them, I just climbed a huge mountain But everyone told me I couldn’t do it And I feel real nice ‘Cause I got lots of money in my bank account [Bridge 2] And I walk down the street People throw things at me Like breakfast and strength tests (Oh, this is cool) How much can I bench press? (Oh, I’m very strong) Time to win some awards [Verse 4] I’m gonna do everything that you’re not supposed to do I’m gonna open to page 1 and then skip ahead to page 2 ‘Cause I’m hungry and scared, and I can’t find the truth So I’m leaving Oh, there’s my balloon [Verse 5] Over the trees, under the bridge and over the town I’m gonna tell you the things that I’m feeling out loud And they changed all the rules, then I wrote them all again That’s how the game begins Oh, that’s how I get home again


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Written By
Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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